Happy March!! I'll be honest, I'm not sad to see the last full month of winter go. I'm 1000% ready for spring and can hardly think of anything else but warm weather, more hours of daylight, and all the fun activities that come with spring in Charleston!

Although the weather wasn't great (aka cold and rainy), this weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Over the past month or so I've either had company in town or been traveling on the weekends, so a few slower paced days were much needed. Weekends where I manage to walk the line between being active + social and relaxing + decompressing are always my favorite.

Highlights from the weekend include: scoring some great deals during a few hours of leisurely shopping on King Street + Whole Foods after work on Friday, a fun Saturday lunch date with the wonderful May from Nutrition Happens (aka my new fave person), going out with friends both old and new on Saturday evening, visiting an awesome new-to-me church followed by brunch at the always amazing Park Cafe with my friend Lauren, my mama, and Emily and her mama.

So many good things rolled into a few short days. I'm feeling fresh, inspired, and more like myself than I have in a long while. I'm a very happy girl to be so (hashtag) blessed. :)

I'll leave you with this amazing article I found the other day. It really, really spoke to me and basically articulated so many things I've been thinking for a long time. Definitely worth taking a look at if you feel uninspired or generally stuck in a rut!

-Lanie W.

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