What's In My Shopping Cart: ASOS

I'll be honest, I hit an online shopping slump over the past few months. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing (for my bank account anyway), but I just fell out of the loop of what's trending in the fashion world. However, spring is (almost) upon us which means it's time for all things new and bright and shiny and happy.

Sidebar: Sometimes I say autumn is my favorite time of year, but spring is where my heart truly lies. It's the time of year I was born and therefore has always been really special to me. Not to mention the fact that I've been physically craving sunshine and warmth in the realest way. I'm giddy at the thought of everything that comes with spring in Charleston. Okay, back to the main topic!

Online shopping and I have a love/hate relationship - I love discovering new, pretty clothes that give me that feeling (you know what I mean- the "how have you been missing from my closet for this long" feeling), but I also know that I have to be financially responsible (ugh, adulthood). Therefore, I routinely fill up my online shopping carts, and then make myself close out the window. It's torture to find all these things I want and not get them, but it's also fun to craft the perfect online shopping cart edit, if you will. (am I the only one who does this? probably.)

First up in this new series is ASOS! I kind of forgot about this online retailer, but after stumbling upon it a few weeks ago I've become (re)obsessed.I love that they organize their merch by trend/style- it makes looking through everything so easy. Best of all have reasonable prices, free shipping, and clothing that totally fits my (ever evolving) style. Take a look:


What I'm currently digging: chunky 70's sandals, flowy rompers, busted knee skinnies, lace detailing, old-school sneaks, and off the shoulder/oversized everything. What's in your online shopping cart lately? xoxo

-Lanie W.

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