Hello from South Carolina! I'm back home for a few days to attend my cousin's wedding and I'm so happy to be home! The weather here is sooo much cooler than Florida and it's making my heart beyond happy to pull out my jeans, long sleeves, and smoking slippers!

I won't be posting until next week so I can soak up all the time I can with my family and friends, but I'll be back next week with lots to share! I hope you each have an amazing, happy weekend. You deserve it! :) xo

-Lanie W.


Transitioning Into Autumn

Attention people! If you haven't already heard, today is the first official day of autumn (insert happy dance)! Here in central Florida that basically means the temps have ever-so-slightly dipped from the 90's into the upper 80's, but hey, I'll take what I can get!

While long sleeves aren't necessary quite yet, I've decided I simply cannot wait another moment to break out two of my all-time favorite items- jeans and boots. This season I'm loving the minor aesthetic updates that have been made to these fall wardrobe staples. Distressed denim is definitely back in full force and I'm loving the look of worn-in skinnies (there's just something about them that screams off-duty model to me). As for boots, I'm finally coming around to the flat, more androgynous style that's been around for a couple seasons now. As a petite girl, I'm hoping to find a pair that works for my height without making my legs look super short. Here's what I'll be wearing until it's finally sweater weather-

Styled || Jeans + Booties
How are you easing your wardrobe into fall? Has the weather turned where you live yet? If so, just know I'm living vicariously through you! :)

-Lanie W.


Current Gratitude

Having the right perspective is one of the most important tactics I've found for living a happy life. Up until a few years ago I was someone who let my emotions and outside situations I couldn't control get the best of me. I was not a morning person and would wake up every morning dreading the day ahead. If anything bad happened that wasn't part of my "plan" it would send my day into a downward spiral of negativity that I let get the best of me.

As a self-professed planner it was so hard letting go of (what I thought was) my white-knuckled grip on life. But when I realized that no amount of attempted human control can match the plan God has for our lives my entire view completely changed for the better.

Rather than grumpily waking up each morning dreading what bad things might take my "plan" off course, I now wake up feeling thankful simply to be alive and experience a new day. By not taking a single thing for granted I opened up my eyes to the pure beauty of the world and life in general. If you take the time to notice you realize that there are so many things big and small to be thankful for each day.

Switching your perspective from pessimism to gratitude honestly makes life so much better. It allows you to realize how completely lucky you are, and that even on the hardest days your life is still overflowing with blessings.

What I'm grateful for this week:
Having the opportunity to have this internship in Disney and experience something new every day.
The gorgeous, slightly cooler weather we had yesterday.
My health and the awesome fitness classes I've been attending at gym I joined here in Florida.
My fun, silly, awesome roommates.
Having a huge passion for my chosen career path and making steps to achieve my goals. 
God's continued faithfulness each and every day.

 I plan to share what I'm grateful here each week. I would love for you to leave what you are grateful for in the comments so that we can all recognize and celebrate the beauty of life that's found in things big and small. :) 

-Lanie W.


Pearl Jam

As is the case with most southern women, pearls have always been a staple in my jewelry line-up. The first earrings I received after (finally) getting my ears pierced were an adorable pair of little pearl studs that made me feel like such a grown-up. When I graduated from high school my Grandma gave me a stunning pearl necklace and earring set that's easily one of the most cherished pieces of jewelry I own. I wear the earrings every single day and honestly feel naked without them.

This season pearls have resurfaced in mainstream fashion, but in a way that's quite different from their classic counterpart. After hopping over to the C. Wonder website last week I discovered their latest jewelry release included a really cool mash-up of dainty pearls and edgy gold hardware. I would never have thought of mixing these two together, but the result is seriously awesome. I love that fashion has no boundaries these days. Unexpected combinations like this really make me look at things in a new way and re-ignite my passion for great style.

Pearls x Studs
What do you think about this latest reincarnation of pearl jewelry? Do you like the new style or prefer the simple elegance of the traditional look? Hope your weekend is full of happiness, relaxation, and fun! xx

-Lanie W.


RGR Fall Favorites

It's no secret that I adore the Charleston SC boutique, Rich Girl Rags (read my last post about them here). I loved their summer line, but their new arrivals for fall have stolen my heart in a major way. Their latest looks have a casual, boho vibe and have me really craving cooler weather (and a shopping trip ;)).

From long sleeved rompers, to printed blouses and flowy dresses the new arrivals are a great mix of feminine and fun. And while I love the clothes, the accessories may just be my favorites.  I've been a huge fan of floppy hats for a couple years now and the RGR version of this cold-weather trend is spot on perfection. If you've been looking for a hat to add to your wardrobe this is a fabulous option at a really great price!

RGR Fall 2
RGR Fall Boho 1

Which look is your fave? I think I'm going to have to get my hands on that green romper asap! Happy shopping!

-Lanie W.


A New Series

I'm super excited to start off this week with a brand new series here at Classically Current- timeless x trendy! In an effort to start producing more content that fits into the overall theme of my blog I'll be putting together a weekly look built around my personal style philosophy. This simple fashion recipe has really helped me build my wardrobe and I hope that this series will prove that you can have the best of both (style) worlds!
This first look is made up of three pieces that effortlessly blend timelessness and trendiness. While some people think it's impossible to walk this line, I've found that it's fairly easy to balance modern and classic when following this style equation. By choosing items that contain an element of both you can stay up to date without over-indulging and wearing something that you'll end up posting as an embarrassing #tbt pic one day.

Styled || Plaid Dress

Shirt-dress - timeless: a definitive a-line silhouette ||  trendy: all-over plaid pattern + pearlescent buttons

Suede Loafers - timeless: the shape and navy color || trendy: the pointed toe and bow detailing 

Structured bag - timeless: classic cognac hue || trendy: angular shape and cross body strap

Hope you've enjoyed this first installment of timeless x trendy! Stay tuned for more fun things to come! xx

-Lanie W.


Wish Listed | Kate Spade Rollins Bag

Oh goodness, y'all. I'm having a moment. A "I need this in my life right now" moment. On a shopping trip earlier this week I made a stop into Kate Spade, ya know, just to "take a look around". While innocently browsing through their pretty products and stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted these bags. Classic structure, gold hardware, and supple leather in my favorite colors? Consider me sold.

While I was in the store I didn't realize that these bags were in the sale section and just assumed that they were outside of my post-grad budget. Begrudgingly, I resigned myself to simply admiring them without actually considering making a purchase. Out of curiosity I decided to look them up online when I got home and was beyond excited to learn that the larger bag, also know as the Lola Avenue Rollins, is currently 50% off! I don't have a "grown-up" handbag yet so I've decided that this will be my first! Now I just have to decide which color to choose...

KS Rollins 1
KS Rollins 2

Which do you think I should pick?? Obviously the tan is the more classic, practical option, but deep green is my favorite color. I'd be forever grateful to hear your opinions! Thanks in advance - have a great weekend! xo

-Lanie W.


Life Lately + Maeve Musings

Hello out there and happy Wednesday! Time is just skipping along these days; it's crazy to think I've been living in Orlando for almost a month already! Life at Disney has been a lot of fun so far. For the past few weeks I've been getting trained to work at Pirates of the Caribbean, an indoor boat ride located in the Adventureland area of Magic Kingdom. Last Friday I "earned my ears" and this week I began working on my own! It's been simultaneously overwhelming and exhilarating operating a complicated ride system and interacting with so many guests from around the world each day, and I'm excited to see what the next four(ish) months hold for me as a pirate!

On Monday one of my roommates and I decided to take a trip to the Mall at Millennia here in Orlando to get back into the "real" world for a bit. The mall was incredible and had basically every store I love ranging from higher end labels like Tory Burch and Kate Spade to the less pricy like Gap and C. Wonder - safe to say I was in retail heaven.

One of my favorite stores to explore while shopping is Anthropologie. They always have the most creative, unique displays and items that feel one of a kind. I was finally able to snag some precious washi tape and when I saw this letter L carved out of an old book I knew it had to come home with me. While I browsed I kept seeing these gorgeous, feminine pieces throughout the store. I finally began to check the labels and realized they were all from the same brand - Maeve. After some research I fell in love with the brand and their mission statement -

I love that they emphasize a balance of beauty and strength. It's wonderful to see a brand with a passion for making women feel empowered and beautiful all at once. Here's some of my favorites from the amazing line!

Maeve 2
Maeve 1

So lovely. Go check out this gorgeous line for yourself - you won't be disappointed! xo

-Lanie W.


Target Treasures || Oh Joy

On one of my recent Target excursions (sidenote: is there anyone who doesn't love a good Target run?) I discovered an adorable surprise in the party section- the Oh Joy for Target line. The first piece that caught my eye was the gorgeous ceramic pitcher. Stripes and gold accents? Consider me sold! The rest of the line is just as adorable with geometric, kitschy prints and adorably angular serving pieces. The best part? It's super affordable! This is why I adore Target. They continue to offer consistently amazing collaborations with relevant, interesting designers/bloggers. Keep it up Tar-jay!

Oh Joy
The line also has it's own Pinterest board which is too cute and features precious shots of the line's products styled in different ways. Having the board allows potential customers to interact with the products in a way that's more fun than traditional shopping.  I have a feeling more designers will collaborate with Pinterest in the future. Here's my favorite shots from the board-

Oh Joy Target #1
Oh Joy Target #2
Oh Joy Target #3
Which pieces are your favorite? Be sure to hurry to your local store and scoop up these goodies before they're all gone! xo

-Lanie W. 


Pretty in Python

After leopard burst onto the scene a few years ago animal patterns have been absolutely everywhere, and are now essentially considered a neutral. When Pinterest first became popular I vividly recall spending hours researching everything leopard I could find, and lately I've been doing the same with python. While I'm not typically a snakeskin kind of girl, the new variation of this pattern has definitely caught my attention. Snakeskin usually reminds me of all things tacky and cheap, but this season's take on the reptilian look is decidedly chic. From tops, to dresses, and more this pattern looks fab just about any way you style it.

Snakeskin Inspiration

So cool, right? There's so many ways to incorporate this pattern into your look whether you want to make it the focal point of an outfit, or just use it as a finishing touch. A lot of designers have already embraced this trend and the variety of results are awesome. From sandals and bags, to watches and sneakers, snakeskin can take an ordinary piece and make it feel fresh. Here's my favorite python picks from around the web-

Trending || Snakeskin
How would you style the python trend? Are you going to embrace this new style or stick with tried and true patterns like leopard? Can't wait to hear your thoughts! Have a lovely weekend!

-Lanie W.


Marled Knits

Happy September y'all! Remember back in April when I said I was getting into flowy, laid back clothing? Well the obsession hasn't gone anywhere, and I have a feeling it's going to continue well into the fall. While the warmer months were all about breezy blouses and embroidered dresses, this season I'm really into cozy, rustic looking knits. They have a relaxed vibe but also provide the undone-chic feel that's perfect for fall.

There's just something about marled knits remind me of camping and snuggling by a fire in the cool autumn air. With the insane heat I'm currently living in I find myself daydreaming about fall temperatures. It doesn't help that Disney already put out their autumn decorations. Magic Kingdom (where I work!) has gone all out and there are leaves, pumpkins, and scarecrows everywhere you look. so adorable.
Marled Knits

Are you just as ready for cooler temps as I am? Which of these pretties would you choose? Have a great Wednesday!

-Lanie W.