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This post could also be titled "random things I've been saving in the tabs on iPad" or "iPad browser spring cleaning". I'm a digital hoarder of sorts and can rarely bring myself to delete pictures, texts, etc. I've fallen into the habit of opening articles/posts on my iPad browser and never closing them, resulting in an enormous amount of open tabs that my type-A self can't handle. Yesterday during my bi-monthly clean out I had the brilliant idea to preserve these little links by sharing them right here with y'all! I get an organized iPad, and y'all get to see the things that I've been reading. That's what they call a win-win my friends.

There's lots of bad, useless, click-baity things on the internet, but there are also things that make me laugh, inspire me, teach me, etc. This little round-up is comprised of a variety of awesome articles that I've been loving broken down by subject (I told y'all I was type-A). These are all worth your read and links that I would share with my friends, so I hope you enjoy!


1 // A new-to-me style blog- Brighton The Day. I love when I find a blogger who doesn't overstyle with a million accessories, crazy patterns, etc. Brighton's positive, faith-driven attitude and classic/chic style have made her my new favorite source of fashion inspiration!


2 // Clearly, I've been in a bit of a blog-struggle lately. This helpful post from Adorn Media Group was just the boost I needed to re-commit myself to regular posting. If you're in a slump these tips are great!


3 //  Levo League is the best source for post-grad life hacks. I loved reading these 9 things successful people do before bed - always looking for ways to improve my day! 

4 // This isn't specifically about work, but Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling rounded up 25 tips on organizing your office that I'm really digging. Definitely going to utilize these at work!


5 // As I stated in my last post, I met May from Nutrition Happens over the weekend and we've become fast friends. Her blog (and Insta!) are my new favorite source of food/health inspiration - you should definitely follow along!

6 // Gotta love Elite Daily for their constantly viral posts. This list of 44 small changes that can positively impact your health are so great. Healthiness doesn't have to be hard, you have the power to make these small changes that will truly make yourself look and feel so much better!


7 // Have you ever felt exhausted by the expectations both you and others place on yourself every day? This article explores the darker side of America's "achievement culture" that is deeply engrained in the millennial generation. Another great read for 20-somethings.

8 // If you've never read Micaela English's posts on T&C.com you're missing out. This post about things she learned in her 20's is so on point.  If you're a 20-something it's definitely worth a read!

-Lanie W.

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  1. Thank you thank you for sharing these! I love my (daily) pop culture updates, but these types of articles are my favorite reads.



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