Birthday: Musings + Wishlist

In case you missed the end my last post- my 23rd birthday is this Friday! *salsa dancing emojis galore* I've always loved birthdays. Having an entire day to slow down, celebrate your life (while surrounded by the people who make your life worthwhile) and "treat yo-self" is kind of amazing.

This year my birthday is even more special because I'm sharing the day/weekend with Good Friday and Easter- I honestly can't think of a more amazing reminder of the reason I have a life to celebrate in the first place. I'm always humbled by God's timing and I don't think the up of these events is a coincidence whatsoever. On a day when the world encourages us to be self-centered, He's telling me to bring my focus to Him and the miracle of Jesus' resurrection. Pretty powerful stuff.

As someone who is overly nostalgic and sentimental, I definitely take every little celebration seriously. I love the idea of your birthday being a day to both meditate on who you are/what you've accomplished thus far and to look forward to a brand new year ahead. In my mind it's like having your very own personal New Years Eve. (Am I the only one who thinks of it this way?)

This birthday will definitely be different since a few key people in my life (namely my boyfriend and most of my best friends) can't be here (#postgradprobs), but I'm still determined to make it a great day! It's supposed to be sunny/warm in Charleston *praise hand emoji* so I'm definitely going to try to spend as much of the day outside as possible. Bring on the rooftop drinks, sweet treats, and fun with friends + family!

On a related note, I've pulled together a few fun wants/needs on my birthday wish-list! Take a look:


-Lanie W.

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