Throwback Thursday || No. 1

Who doesn't love a good Throwback Thursday? Since I've had such a hard time creating new content lately I've decided to throw it back to some of my older posts that a lot of you might not have read before! The photo + three older posts I've chosen to share today all center around warmer days since that's all I can think about currently. My soul is seriously craving spring in the realest way possible!

Cheers to only two days till the weekend! We can do this! xoxo

- Lanie W.


Hello Out There!

Y'all, I promise I still exist! *insert blue faced/sweating/stressed emoji here* I seriously feel like the worst blogger on the planet and if no one is even reading this right now I totally understand. It's been a true struggle to find the balance between working full time, going to the gym, spending time with friends, having down time, etc. I haven't been able to find the place where blogging fits into my new post-grad life. Mornings are dedicated to reading my devotional/Bible and getting ready for the day, I go straight from work to the gym, and when I get home around 7:00 I just want to shower, eat dinner, and relax.

The struggle is that I know I write best in the mornings. By the end of the day my brain is fried and in no shape to compose a compelling blog post. I know a lot of blogs are more picture-heavy, but as a former english major well-written copy is really important to me. Le sigh.

I truly promise that I'm working on this balance and I'll keep trying to make Classically Current a priority. I love this space and the community of people blogging has introduced me to, so I'm going to push until I find a solution!

Please accept this hilarious video of my bae Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift being great humans as an apology for my absence. Have a wonderful weekend!

-Lanie W


Friday / Friyay

We did it, the week is officially behind us- it's Friday! I don't know about y'all, but I've had a week. Work has been pedal to the metal crazy and each day felt busier than the next. I also decided to tackle my first run in months and it felt so amazing to get back on the road that I was inspired to register for the Cooper River Bridge Run! I live less than five minutes from the bridge so training will be super convenient. I've never run an organized 10k before, so I'm really excited to experience the race that's been on my bucket list for forever! I'm so thankful that I have a job I love and the ability to be active and exercise, but I'm also excited for a couple of days to decompress and step away from the computer/gym, hang out with friends, and just be.

It's going to be an activity packed weekend here in Charleston- the South Eastern Wildlife Expo (aka SEWE) is in town and visitors are all ready filling the city. This is the unofficial start of "tourist season", but it also means that February is half over and were that much closer to spring. #praisehandemoji

Other than SEWE, it's also a big weekend because Valentines Day is tomorrow! I hope you all have fun plans whether with someone you love, whether that's friends, family, or a significant other! If you're like me and still have no clue what you're wearing tomorrow (oops) here's some last minute holiday style inspiration:
In honor of the holiday of love I thought I'd share a Spotify playlist I made recently! It's pretty much just Ed Sheeran songs (so obsessed with that kid) with a few others mixed in for good measure, but they all bring the warm fuzzies. Whether you're in a relationship or not, we can all appreciate pretty music that makes us feel good! And hey, if you're single just imagine that all the songs are about you and Ed (let's be honest, we can do that if we're taken too ;) shh).

Favorite Love-songs: A Valentines Playlist

I hope you each have a fun, relaxing, love-filled weekend! See you back here on Monday! xoxo

-Lanie W.


Layers + Lace

Hello and happy Tuesday to you! My apologies for no blog posts on Friday or yesterday- we're currently undergoing a major renovation at Finicky Filly (aka my office) and the store is closed, so things are pretty much cray right now. I'm working remotely this week and we also just launched a giant project that I have a big part in, so I'm currently going a million miles a minute with work (and honestly loving every minute of it). Sufficient to say, the blog has to take a back burner, but I'm okay with that for the time being. I hope you can forgive me/understand. :)

 Anywayssss- This past Saturday I was so excited to finally be reunited with my bestie Emily of Cooper & Thames. We started the day at St. Alban having coffee with Gillian (who is the absolute sweetest!) then went about our usual Charleston routine of eating (Lee Lee's Hot Kitchen = A+), shopping (basically everywhere on King), and exploring (random streets South of Broad).  I never could have predicted that starting a blog would lead to meeting one of my best friends, but I'm beyond thankful it did! Em, you da best - especially for agreeing to play photographer!

This outfit has been on serious repeat over the past few weeks and I have no complaints. I found the sweatshirt, lace-trimmed tee, and marble ring in J. Crew's sale section all at fabulous discounts and have already gotten my moneys worth a hundred times over. They're both so comfortable and laid-back, but still chic and relevant at the same time. Elevated basics = my fashion bread and butter right now. Take a look-

Emily and I pretty much cracked up the entire time we took these. I have no idea how bloggers can be serious while taking these outfit photos on the reg- I felt so silly and as a result we ended up with lots of pictures like these...  

Such a fun day with the only girl who gets the blogger/social media part of my life. What pieces are on heavy rotation in your closet right now? I'd love to know!

- Lanie W.


NY Times Q&A

Happy humpday loves. I'm back today to get a bit ~*personal*~, if that's okay with y'all! I love reading these types of posts on other blogs (because I'm nosey? idk), so I figured I would just go for it and get a little real today! I know that traditionally my blog has been more about fashion etc, but I'm kind of moving more towards a general lifestyle vibe (with fashion mixed in). I appreciate you continuing to read as both I and this space continue to evolve and change. xo

After reading q&a posts by Annie and Hallie (who started this whole blog chain) earlier this week, I was really inspired by the idea and the honesty of their answers, so I decided to join in and create my own!

The premise of the NY Times post (that initially spurred Hallie's blog) was that answering these thirty-six questions will make you fall in love/connect with anyone- pretty interesting concept, eh? I really want to grow my blog into a space of authenticity, connection, friendship, and transparency- so I figured by answering some of these questions I could begin to move in this direction! Here we go:

1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

Right now, definitely Jimmy Fallon. He's just so stinking funny, but never in a way that's cruel or demeaning. He seems like such a kind-hearted guy who really cares about people, but just happens to be completely hilarious. He really gets my generation and is able to connect with our humor so perfectly, and I know we would have the best conversations. I imagine a dinner spent with him would result in many instances of me nearly spitting out my drink from laughing so hard and I would be completely okay with that.

2. Would you like to be famous? In what way?

I'm not sure I could give up my privacy in that way. I'm a really independent, active person who loves to go out and do things alone, and I would hate to have that ruined by paparazzi chasing me for photos and having bodyguards constantly by my side. On the other hand, I would love to have that big of a platform to do good in the world. If I were a celebrity I would definitely spend my time volunteering and donating money to people in need. The world needs more of that in a big way.

3. What would constitute a "perfect day" for you?

Firstly, regardless of where we were, the weather would be upper 70's and completely sunny. I would be surrounded by both sides of my family (even the ones who we've lost), Brandon, and my closest friends. Everyone would be in a blissful mood, healthy, and having a completely wonderful time with each other. We would spend the day relaxing, chatting, playing games (like Heads Up and Pictionary), dancing to great music, eating good homemade food, and enjoying each others company. (I'm honestly tearing up just imagining how lovely this would be).

4. If you were able to live until the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30 year old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?

I would have to say my mind for sure. I'm such an internal person and really love to just sit with my thoughts, ideas, and imagination. I want to always have my wits about me and to be able to pray and communicate with God as well. I'm definitely an active, exercise/dance loving person so it would be hard to give up a perpetually young body, but in the end I think it's our mind/thoughts/heart that matter more than being completely agile forever.

5. What do you value most in friendship?

Friendship is honestly one of the most important things in my life, and not something I take lightly. I've had up's and down's with people I thought were true friends, and I know what it's like to be treated badly by people you care about. These experiences taught me how I should be treated by friends, and the kind of friend I want to be to others. In light of that, I'd say I value honesty, trust, acceptance, openness, care, deep communication, intention, and genuine love. As I get older I crave more meaningful friendships and connection on topics more personal than boys, partying, shopping, etc. I want my friendships to be deep, real, and inspiring rather than superficial and draining.

7. If you knew that in one year you were going to die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are living? Why? 

I would want my faith and relationship with Jesus to be constantly at the fore-front of my mind and actions. I'm currently working at this really intentionally, but I would just try to live and love as Jesus did even more. In the end, this world is not our real home, and things of this world will never satisfy us or make our lives richer- a deep relationship with God is the only thing that will do that. I'd also make sure that everyone in my life knew how much I love and appreciate them every single day. However, I want to do this regardless of if I'm going to "die in a year" or not- these are changes I am trying to implement here and now, because we really never know how much time we have left. 


Whew, props to you if you made it through that! I'd love to get to know you and read your answers to these questions (or any others that the article posed)! Comment below with a link to your post if you choose to participate! :) xoxo

-Lanie W.


Charleston Adventures || Grind & Squeeze

Ah, what a weekend. I love that we get a few days each week that are made solely for fun, exploration, and trying new things. I'm so lucky to live (still can't get over this!) in a place where the potential for adventure is everywhere you turn.  I truly plan to take advantage of this every moment I can!

My college bestie/roommate Makenzie came to stay with me for the weekend and we had the best time checking off "must try" places on my massive Charleston to-do list. We truly fit so many things into the few days she was here and I can't wait to share them all with you!

First up, I have to fan-girl over one of my absolute favorite new-to-me discoveries of the weekend- Grind and Squeeze! After seeing a snap of the coffee shop's picturesque patio on Hannah's Instagram I made a quick google search and was so excited to see that it was located less than five minutes from my apartment! Saturday morning was bright and sunny so we ventured over and fell in love pretty much instantly.

The inside of the shop is teeny (see photos one and two), but their patio is a large, dreamy oasis. (Disclaimer- I'm the girl who will always choose to sit outside if given the option, so a restaurant with only outside seating is pretty much my jam). We grabbed a couple americanos with almond milk (so good!) and settled into their comfy seating- which we had all to ourselves. The sunshine felt amazing and made me crave spring that much more. I know that I'm going to be there constantly once the weather warms up permanently! Here's a peek at my new fave-

If you live in the Charleston area you must check out this hidden gem. Hope y'all have a great Monday! xoxoxo

-Lanie W.