Christmas Wish List: Item #3

Y'all. I have become unhealthily addicted to researching and trying to find the perfect vintage version of  the next item on my list. While brainstorming what to ask Santa for I tried to think of what was missing from my wardrobe. I quickly realized I was lacking one of the hallmark, must have, perfectly preppy clothing items owned by true blue preps everywhere- the L.L. Bean Norwegian and Fisherman Sweaters.

Originating in Ireland and Norway and made for fisherman in frigid northern climates these sweaters are incredibly warm and perfect for fall and winter. In the 80's preppy revival combined with the mention of these sweaters in the cult classic "Official Preppy Handbook" took the popularity of these to the next level and Bean couldn't keep them re-stocked before they flew off the shelves again.

The sweaters disappeared sometime in the early 90's and have been brought back in recent years due to popular demand. The newer sweaters cost around $150 on the L.L. Bean website however sites like eBay and Etsy offer authentic vintage versions which are what I have my eye on. If you're lucky maybe you can find them in a local thrift store but I'm banking on finding one online.

Vintage L.L. Bean Sweaters

Sigh. They are just so completely perfect- thick and warm and perfectly preppy in every way. Practicality and timelessness and clothing that gets better with age are the hallmarks of preppy fashion and I don't think one could build a preppy wardrobe without these beauties. I am currently day-dreaming about pairing them with perfectly worn in skinny jeans, boots and a cozy scarf while Christmas shopping for loved ones. Please bring me some Santa, I've been so good! :)

Do y'all have any of these sweaters? Are they as amazing as I'm imagining them to be? Let me know!

-Lanie W.


Christmas Wish List: Item #4

It seems as I grow older and figure out my personal style more and more I ask for increasingly classic items that I will have and use endlessly. Last Christmas my sweet boyfriend surprised me with the gold Michael Kors watch I had been dreaming of for months. I was not expecting it and don't know if I've ever loved a gift more. I seriously wear it every single day without fail, and now feel naked without it's perfect heaviness on my wrist. I tend to wear more gold jewelry but lately I have been thinking I need to add another watch to my rotation to switch things up.

DW Silver Face Watch

The number four item on my list is the Daniel Wellington St. Andrews ladies watch. The perfectly weathered rustic leather band paired with the sleek and simple silver face are a match made in heaven. The band gives the watch a more casual look that would look wonderful paired with any casual outfit or incorporated into an "arm-party". I feel like this is an item that would only look better with age and I could pass down to later generations. The best part about classics is they never go out of style! :)

Do y'all love watches as much as I do? What do you think about leather bands? Too masculine or perfectly classic?

-Lanie W.


Christmas Wish List: Item #5

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With the holiday season upon us my mind can't help but wander to my Christmas List. First of all, if I haven't mentioned this before I am ob-sessed with lists in general. I can't live without my reminders app on my iPhone and I have four calendars going at all times (phone, computer, planner & wall calendar). So for me, list making comes as natural as breathing. Out of all the lists I make I think my Christmas List might just be my favorite, other than my Christmas giving list. Who doesn't love day dreaming about the pretty things you could possibly receive?

This year I thought I would do a count-down of my top 5 must-haves I'm asking Santa for this year. Starting with number 5 and working my way to number 1! Here we go!

MK Jet Set Wallet

Number 5 on my list is the Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Wallet. I have always envisioned having a nice leather wallet as being a true mark of adult-hood. I am going into the second semester of my Junior year of college and will be entering the working world before I know it (so scary!). A quality wallet is something I will use for years and years to come. Plus the deep hunter green is unexpected pop of color while still being classic and timeless, something Mr. Kors does so well time and time again.

That's all I have for today! What are some of the items on your wish list this year? Can't wait to hear them!

-Lanie W.



As Thanksgiving 2012 comes to a close I wanted to write a quick post and tell all of you I hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with delicious food, friends and family galore.

No matter what has been going on in your life today is a day to stop and be thankful for what we do have in our lives. A day to see things as half full rather than half empty. I am beyond thankful for my life and everything I have. For my friends, family, especially my amazing mother who never ceases to amaze me with her love, humor, generosity, strength and ability to get through hard situations with a smile on her face.

I'll leave you with my one of my favorite Thanksgiving episodes of one of the best shows ever. Enjoy!

-Lanie W.


Turkey Day Dressing

Can y'all believe Thanksgiving is in a couple of days?? Seriously, where has this year gone? Thanksgiving has always been a more low key holiday in my family, usually spent at my Mom's side's annual family reunion or with my Dad's family. A couple years ago, due to my planning, we hosted Thanksgiving at my house and I loved it. I simply cannot wait to have my own home and little family and host the most amazing holiday dinners. I plan to go all out for every holiday and think planning is just so much fun!

Laid Back Dinner

Relaxed Thanksgiving

This might just be one of my favorite outfits ever. Barbour, Bean Boots, KJP bracelet, plaid button down and the most perfect L.L. Bean sweater ever? Yes please! This is close to what I will be wearing this Thanksgiving and I can't wait!
Dressy Dinner

Dressy Thanksgiving

I love the thought of having a dressy Thanksgiving Dinner celebration complete with china, crystal,  candlelight, and soft jazz music playing in the background. My senior year of high school we attended a family friends' Thanksgiving Dinner on the Upper East Side in Manhattan at their dining club and it was so incredible. Looking back I wish I would have dressed a bit nicer but alas, I was in high school and hadn't quite found my personal style yet. When I host my own dinners I plan to make them formal so everyone can dress to the nines. :)

Hopefully in about five years I will be able to hold up to this promise and actually host Thanksgiving! For now I will spend the holiday with my family in a relaxed manner eating Turkey and being thankful for the many, many blessings I have in my life. What are y'all planning on wearing for Turkey Day?

-Lanie W.


Let's Get Graphic

Lions and tigers and bears...oh my! Okay not quite but the graphic animal sweater is really taking over fashion this season. From Madewell and J. Crew to Old Navy and even Target this fun trend is accessible to just about anyone and is only getting bigger. As a general rule I try to stay away from graphic sweaters or t-shirts after going through a major phase of wearing way too much of it in middle school. However, for these cuties I may just have to make an exception.

Graphic Sweaters

But really, how adorable are they? This is such a whimsical trend that could be styled so many different ways. I envision wearing it layered with a button down, skinny jeans and booties for a day running around town. What do y'all think about this trend? Too much or just plain fun? Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

-Lanie W.


What I Wore: Bean Boots Edition

Yesterday was a big day. No, not just because of the Presidential election, (although I did wear red and blue on purpose) but because it was finally cold/rainy enough to wear my Bean Boots! These boots deserve a post of their own because they're such a preppy winter staple. I love how they look with thick socks and skinny jeans and the fact that they're American Made makes them even better. I layered my one of my favorite new sweaters (love the oxblood) over a chambray button up I've had for forever to grab lunch and shop with friends since we got the day off from class for the Election (a law in SC!). 

Ps- Please excuse the boring background it was dark outside by the time I remember to snap pictures! :)

Sweater- Forever 21 // chambray button down & skinnys- American Eagle from ages ago // boots & socks- L.L. Bean

The details:

(Obsessed with the corduroy elbow patches on this sweater!!)

Essie "Skirting the Issue" polish & gold Michael Kors Runway watch.

That's all I have for today! What do y'all think about this outfit/Bean Boots in general? Can't wait to hear your thoughts! 

Happy Wednesday,

-Lanie W.


Grandpa Sweaters

Grandpa sweaters, grandma sweaters, ugly sweaters, chunky sweaters- Whatever you call it, I'm obsessed. The name might turn you away at first, who wants to look like their grandpa right? When I think "grandpa sweater" I immediately think either-

Bill Cosby

Or Mr. Rodgers

These iconic 80's television figures were really on to something. Not only are "grandpa" sweaters incredibly comfy and warm, but they look amazing paired with a skirt or skinny jeans and any type of boot. The best part is that you can find some great sweaters by just taking a trip to your local thrift store!

Katie does "grandpa chic" perfectly.
The 80's (and 90's for that matter) are making a comeback and the grandpa sweater might just be my favorite part of this revival! I was searching for the perfect version of this retro sweater when I came upon this beauty during a recent trip to Forever 21:

I could not be happier I found this sweater! It also comes in navy and mustard but I couldn't resist this great cream color. I wore it with a plain tee, jeans and boots for a comfy look but I can't wait to incorporate it into more outfits! Such a great staple for fall and winter.

Do y'all like the look of grandpa sweaters? Or are they outdated? Can't wait to hear what y'all think!

-Lanie W.