Complete the Pleats

Pleats have always been a tricky style for me. They usually bring to mind the unfortunate looking fully pleated jean mini-skirts that were popular during my middle school days. Ever since then I've tried to stay away from them in all forms, but lately pleats have been popping up on my radar in a surprisingly chic way.

Unlike the big, boxy pleats of the past these micro pleats lend an air of whimsy to maxi skirts and sleek dresses. I think they're just perfect for a summer day out on the town or an evening get together with friends. Usually I would try to stay away from long items of clothing during the warm summer months, but these pieces are perfectly light and breezy. Take a look-
How would you style a pleated skirt or dress? Do you think this style should stay in the past? Can't wait to hear! xoxo

-Lanie W.


Shake Ya Pom-Poms

Gosh, I am just loving all of the fun, whimsical trends that are popping up this spring! I've posted about my obsessions with embroidering, swingy shorts, and tropical prints, but lately I can't stop looking up items with pom-pom trim! Scarves, hats, shorts, bags, tops, dresses; I love it all!

Pom-poms add such a carefree, fun vibe to any outfit and remind me of sombreros and vacations in Mexico! Take a look at some pretty pom inspiration-

Love love love. How would you incorporate pom-poms into your style? Can't wait to hear!

-Lanie W.


Pretty Proportions

When wearing a skirt and top my initial instinct is to keep the top tucked in. However, lately I've been loving the more boxy look of leaving the top untucked and layering it over a skirt. As a petite person I'm usually told to keep everything fitted and tailored so I'm not drowning in fabric, but breaking this rule a bit to change things up feels really fresh and fun.

The petite style princess Olivia Palermo has this look down pat. I am seriously beyond obsessed with her style and have blogged about her multiple times. She always manages to look completely perfect no matter the occasion. Here's some inspiration of OP and a few other ladies rocking this unique style-
I can't wait to try this look out for myself! How do y'all feel about changing up proportions? Yay or nay? Happy Monday!

-Lanie W.


Shop Savvy

I've always loved shopping. As the only girl, shopping always meant spending time with my mom and having girly, indulgent fun without my brothers or dad #noboysallowed. Nowadays the majority of my shopping is done online.

I used to be on countless email lists and would get daily alerts of current 'deals' happening at my favorite stores. However, thanks to Unroll Me I've narrowed my store emails down to my top favorites. In the blog world many ladies will dedicate entire posts to whatever 'sale' is happening that day, week, etc. Yet, are these sales really saving you that much money?

One thing that amuses me about online shopping is the different ways they try to lure you in. For instance, many stores will put a time limit on their sales which gives you a sense of urgency to purchase something before the 'sale' goes away. I know many people who have fallen into this retail trap. However, if you follow these sales you'll notice an obvious pattern.

This is where Raise.com comes in. This new gift card market place explains that they "want to help you actually save money, rather than just feel like you're saving it." Raise details the transparency of various internet shopping 'deals' in this eye-opening post.

My favorite stores like Gap, Old Navy, and J. Crew Factory almost always offer at least 20% off, and many give a student discount of 15% which is awesome if you're a broke college kid like me. Their constant promotions make it a bit ridiculous to buy something full price these days. 

Instead of falling into the retail rabbit hole Raise allows you to sell unused or unwanted gift cards and buy others at a discounted rate. Sounds pretty great to me! Go check out Raise.com and start (really) saving! Happy shopping!

-Lanie W.


Summer Reading

One of the best parts about summer is being able to read whenever and whatever I want! I love being an English Major, but having a heavy load to read for classes and not being able to read for fun could be a drag sometimes.

My reading list for this summer is a mile long and I've already gotten started. I read Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe and am currently reading Lilly, a wonderful biography about the life of the fabulous Lilly Pulitzer by Kathryn Livingston. The book is full of interesting stories and facts about the woman who inspired the perpetual-summer lifestyle and is basically the perfect beach read! I mean, even the cover is sassy and adorable- just like a Lilly dress!

The book focuses on the woman behind the empire and is an incredible behind-the-scenes peek at the history of this uber-popular brand. I learned so much about Lilly Pulitzer the woman as well as how Lilly became more than just a brand, but a national obsession and the representation of a natural, yet chic lifestyle. With her simple but elevated style she was truly the embodiment of the American dream. And what makes the book even better is that there are tons of great photos of Lilly, her family, and the other fabulous women who wore her sassy shifts! (think Jackie O!)
Go grab your own copy of Lilly here! I can't wait to dive into my next book (I'm thinking Gone With The Wind)! What are you reading this summer? xoxo

-Lanie W.

*this copy of Lilly was sent to me for review by Turner Publishing. All opinions are my own.*


Hot Tropic

I'm back! Let's hope the computer thing was a fluke and that I'll be back in business from now on. The past week I've been in summer mode and it's been seriously awesome. Waking up without an alarm, laying by the pool, reading for fun, hanging by the lake, dates to the movies, going on runs- all things that make for one happy Lanie.

With this laid-back mindset my thoughts are on everything summery and fun, which means my style is as well. Lately, I'm loving bold floral prints. Graphic prints usually remind me of tourists and tacky hawaiian shirts, but this season's version is super chic. They look great on everything from button ups to dresses, to skirts, and even shorts. Here's some looks that have been inspiring me lately-
Images via

How do y'all feel about bold, graphic floral tropical prints? Too much or totally fun?

-Lanie W. 


Technical Problems

Hey y'all! I'm typing this from my iPad because my beloved 2009 model Macbook is slowly dying. I got her my senior year of high school and she has been a trooper getting me through my college experience and countless papers, projects, powerpoints, etc.

Yesterday the mouse/trackpad suddenly stopped working for some random reason. It won't move where I want it and is basically just spazzing out and doing its own thing.

If anyone has expereienced this or knows how to fix it I would be super grateful! Hopefully it will get resolved asap and I can be back to posting reguarly! Hope y'all have a great Monday!!

-Lanie W.


Summertime Style

Hey y'all! Just popping by to say go check out my latest article for Modern Magnolias!
This post is all about summertime style (sidenote: yay for the weather finally cooporating!) Here's a taste of one of the looks I created-
White Option #1

Hope y'all enjoy! Xoxo

-Lanie W. 



I'm back y'all! Finals week is over and summer is here in full swing! I'm still doing my internship and am taking a couple summer courses, but I'm excited for things to slow down a bit and to be able to focus on having fun! My friends and I plan on doing as much as possible this summer before we graduate and go our separate ways in August (gulp, still in denial about graduating).

Since I last blogged I've falled head over heels for a look I've seen all over lately- the embroidered, flowy, peasant style.

Surprisingly, Forever 21 has some great pieces in this particular style. When it comes to trends I like shopping there because you can get less-classic pieces that will last you a season or two and not have to  break the bank.

Last month I got this blouse from J. Crew factory, and picked up this tank from F21 over the weekend. I'll probably end up going back for more - I just can't get enough! This is definitely going to be my new go-to style for the summer months. What's your favorite summer look? Can't wait to hear!

-Lanie W.