Easy [last minute] Costumes

I'm going to be real here, I love dressing up. As a kid I would go through no less than five outfit changes a day. "Dress up" was one of my favorite ways to play, and I still enjoy it today! Costumes are just plain fun- I love feeling like a different person for a little bit. I always feel like I can let loose a little bit more when I'm dressed up as someone else! 

Last night our sorority had a Halloween mixer and my roommate and I found ourselves scrambling to put together our costumes at the last minute. I had a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, and she found a plaid skirt, so we decided to be Blair & Minnie!

These were seriously the easiest costumes to put together, and were made using items we already had in our closets! I wore one of my moms tops from when she was in college that I snuck out of her closet, a black skirt, knee socks, and black booties! I drew on a nose/wiskers with eyeliner and was good to go! Here's how to make your own super easy Minnie costume! 

Mouse Mouse

Originally Makenzie was going to be Cher from Clueless, but then we realized she looked more like Blair from Gossip Girl since she's a brunette, so she went with that! She already had the plaid skirt, button down and loafers, and she borrowed my navy blazer and headband. Here's how to throw together this sassy look at the last minute!

Blair Waldorf
What are you going to be for Halloween?? Can't wait to hear!

-Lanie W.


The Great Pumpkin

Eep, October is almost over y'all! I've been doing my best to soak up everything I can about this autumnal month- I've decorated my apartment, burned pumpkin candles, been apple picking, sipped pumpkin coffee, and watched Hocus Pocus more times than I'll admit, but one thing was still missing...Pumpkin Carving!

 Saturday afternoon I recruited my boyfriend into helping me with this yearly fall tradition and we had a such a fun time! 

Helpful tip- I always carve from the bottom of the pumpkin rather than the top. That way you simply sit the pumpkin on top of the candle instead of having to reach your hand into the pumpkin & risk burning yourself!

He made me get the 'guts' of the pumpkin out because it grosses him out (haha!) and I made sure to save my seeds so that I could roast them! 
This was the first time I have ever roasted pumpkin seeds and it was so easy! I simply rinsed/dried them, tossed in olive oil, sprinkled some seasoning and popped them in the oven (375) for around 5 minutes! They turned out really well and I may or may not have eaten them all in one sitting... #oops :)
Next came my favorite part- carving the face! I always go for the classic jack-o-lantern face- it's both easy and traditional. Win win situation!
Annnd the finished product! 
Pumpkin carving is by far one of my favorite autumn traditions and I'm so happy with how this year's happy little jack-o-lantern turned out! What's your favorite part of the halloween season?

-Lanie W.


Friday Randoms

Happy weekend y'all! Can you believe today marks exactly two months until Christmas?? I am not loving how fast this year seems to be flying by. This week has been busy and full of fun things- the biggest of which was receiving my Clemson University Class Ring last night!

The ring is a huge time honored tradition for upperclassmen here at Clemson, and I am beyond proud to finally have one of my own! My mom graduated from Clemson in 1984 and I'll graduate in 2014 exactly 30 years later- how's that for following in someone's footsteps!

Earlier this week I wrote an article for Modern Magnolias about how to wear winter white- go check it out! 

Lastly, C. Wonder is having a Friends and Family sale with 30% off your entire purchase! I've fallen in love with this fun brand lately and can't wait to score a few items I've had my eye on!

That's all I've got! I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend!

-Lanie W.


Beanie Babes

If you can't tell by now, I'm a big fan of hats. During the tragic middle school fashion stage of my life I loved beanies. I totally had one from PacSun that was striped and had a knit monkey face on the side.. oh 2003 how I don't miss you! In my defense they were having a 'moment' thanks to the then-popular punk trend started by Ms. Avril Lavigne, but I digress.

This fall I feel like I've seen beanies everywhere. They're all over Pinterest and the blogosphere, and this new take on an old style looks surprisingly chic! These knit hats add a dose of hipster cool to any outfit and I'm loving the way these ladies have styled them. Take a look-

How do you feel about the beanie trend? Is this something we should leave in the past? How would you style this quirky cap? Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

-Lanie W.


Emerald City

If there's one color that screams 'luxe' it's emerald green. I've been drawn to this shade as long as I can remember, and feature it prominently here on the blog. Lately I've started to notice a trend in the items I've been pinning to my Wish List board- they're almost all emerald! The combination of great textures like suede, velvet, and corduroy make this perfect hue pop even more. Take a look at my current emerald favorites-

Emerald City

What shades are you most drawn to? Can't wait to hear!

-Lanie W.


Pastels for Fall

During our trip to Asheville over fall break Makenzie and I popped into Gap to do some shopping. Lately I have done more online shopping and forgot how nice it is to be able to touch and see the clothing for yourself instead of having to judge it from a website.

I spotted a table full of sweaters and went to take a look when I saw this beautiful baby blue knit. Normally I would not gravitate to a pastel color in the fall, but it was so gorgeous I knew I had to try it on. Oh boy, I fell in love. Take a look-

Even in a stark dressing room this sweater looked great. The knit felt thick and super soft, and looked great with my boyfriend jeans & booties. The online photo does not do this baby justice! Unfortunately due to my college girl budget I couldn't take it home with me, but I guess that's just another item to add to the ole Christmas List :) Do you like the idea of pastel colors for winter? Let me know!

-Lanie W. 


Outfits in Asheville

On Monday my best friend Makenzie and I decided to take a road trip a couple hours up the interstate to Asheville, North Carolina. We made the same trip last fall and loved the quirky city so much we just had to come back. We spent the day shopping, walking all over the city, and eating some amazing food. The weather was absolutely perfect for fall outfits so naturally we had to have an impromptu photo-shoot! 

[I'm wearing: Gap Boyfriend Jeans, Belt & Sweater - AEO Booties - Barbour Laides Utility Jacket]

Makenzie has such great style and her outfit yesterday was so cute that I just had to share it with y'all! If she looks familiar you might recognize her from her old blog [So Simply Chic]!

[On Makenzie: Stell & Dot necklace - J. Crew Matchstick Skinnies - Old Navy Cardigan - TB Flats - Michael Kors Purse]

I'm sad that such a great fall break has come to an end, but I am so so so excited for this weekend! College Gameday is coming back to Clemson for the second time this season for our game against the 5th Ranked Florida State University Seminoles! This is absolutely our biggest game of the year and I am already filled with nervous excitement for 8pm Saturday night! Hope y'alls weeks are going well! 

-Lanie W.  


Sky Top

Oh, I just love this time of year. I really love that school is super close to the mountains! This weekend my boyfriend and I went on a day trip to Hendersonville, NC to go apple picking and soak up some fall weather/foliage. Sunday morning we loaded up, grabbed some pumpkin coffees, and hit the road!

Our first destination was Sky Top Apple Orchard. I've been going to this orchard ever since I was a little girl and it's one of my favorite fall traditions! Luckily there were still tons of apples on the trees, and we had our pick of my favorite- Pink Ladies!
The orchard also sells cider, doughnuts, and pumpkins, but my favorite apple treat they feature is their cider slushie- so so so delicious! 
[I'm wearing a Heritage 1981 plaid shirt - Old Navy Rockstar Jeans - 8' LL Bean Boots]

It was such a great autumn day spent with my favorite guy! I just love checking things off my Fall Bucket List! What's your favorite seasonal activity?

-Lanie W.


A Triumphant Return

Remember the fabulous tartan City Mini J. Crew released last holiday season? You know the one, it sold out super quickly and it seemed that every blogger and her mom was wearing it-

Well thanks to J.Crew Factory, it's back- and at a fabulous price point! I seriously love this skirt, it makes me think of the upcoming holiday season and evokes a cozy, happy feeling. How would you style this preppy piece?  Go grab it before it's gone again!

PS- Everything at J.Crew Factory is 50% off this weekend! Happy shopping!

-Lanie W.