Hello and welcome to Classically Current! 

I'm Lanie, a style obsessed southerner with a heart for Jesus and a passion for writing, fitness, travel, and adventure in all forms. I'm all about life's hidden gems and taking joy in the things most people simply overlook. I'm a silly, excitable, dance-loving gal who appreciates the smallest things (like dvd's with bonus commentary and a pretty sunset). My goal is to live each day full of gratitude for the beautifully imperfect life I've been given.

I graduated from Clemson University (Go Tigers!) in August 2014 with a BA in English and Communication Studies and now am the Social Media Manager for a PR firm in sunny Charleston, South Carolina. I absolutely adore my life here in The Holy City and I am so happy to take y'all along on this journey with me!

Thanks for stopping by- I consider my readers my friends and I hope that you enjoy reading my various thoughts, ideas, and obsessions! 

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