Hit The Links | No. 8

I'm back with another edition of iPad internet tab round-up! I swear, Facebook is just a dangerous link-filled black hole these days. It's impossible to get on and not click on at least one link that someone/multiple people have shared. This constant wheel of creation, posting, and sharing simultaneously exhausts and interests me. Sometimes I find myself scrolling through feeds wondering what value I'm actually adding to my life by doing so.

I get to the point where I just want to throw all my electronics away, move into a shack on the beach, and live a pre-digital age life... then I see a funny Buzzfeed post and it pulls me back in (#thestruggle). So, since I'm not going to abandon the internet just yet, I've pulled together my favorite links of the past week below- enjoy!


1 // I've never lived with a significant other, but these 10 house rules from Cupcakes and Cashmere seem super logical and will be helpful to keep in mind for the future.

2 // It's no secret I <3 Lauren Conrad. Her post about 10 things every woman should know in her 20's is spot on. As someone who's managed to live a relatively normal life as a 20-something, post-reality tv fame, I think we can take her advice seriously.


3 // This list on how to get a head start on the trends for next season from Man Repeller is so clutch. I love reading about what's going to be popular in the coming months and how to incorporate those items sooner rather than later.

4 // As someone who totally has a "uniform", this post on how to build a capsule wardrobe from The Everygirl is like getting a cheat-sheet for a really hard exam (aka putting together daily outfits). 


5 // Did anyone else forget about Cadet Kelly/Lizzie McGuire Hilary Duff? She was my girl in the 00's, and I'm stoked she's making a comeback! Her funny/revealing Cosmo interview made my girl crush come back in full force!

6 // This video of a sassy 4 year old and her mom dancing on Ellen  is so stinking cute/fierce. I can only hope my daughter will dance to choreographed Beyonce numbers with me one day. #fresherthanyouuuu


7 // I found this article about 6 nutrition tips that are worth breaking from Nutrition Unplugged really interesting. As someone who really tries to eat clean, it was eye opening to see this nutritionists point of view on what "bad" foods or ways of eating are actually not so bad in moderation.


8 // As a someone who works in social media I'm always looking for ways to do my job better. This post on 10 simple tricks to improve your Instagram (via Bustle) is a great read if you're looking to refine your Insta aesthetic.

That's all I have for today! Happy Thursday! xx

-Lanie W.

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