Slip-On Style

I'll be honest, this whole ugly/pretty shoe trend is confusing me (I'm looking at you Birkenstocks..). Espadrilles and slip on sneakers used to make me think of frumpy old people at the beach or kids who didn't know how to tie their shoes yet. This summer, though, they've suddenly been adopted by the fashion community and have seemingly become chic over night.

Slip-On Inspiration

Everyone from Chanel to Gap has embraced this style and I must say they make it look pretty fabulous. Gone are the cheap, ugly versions of the past; the new crop of slip-ons are utilizing everything from luxe textures like leather and snakeskin to patterns like gingham and leopard print-

Slip Ons Pt. 2

I'd pick the platinum slip-on sneaks and style them with white jeans and a loose black tee for an urban-casual look. What about you? 

-Lanie W.


Swishy Pants

I feel like this always happens to me- I see a trend, hate it, then one day I turn around and I'm suddenly infatuated with the things I spent so long hating. This was recently the case with drapey/plazzo pants which I like to call "swishy pants" #myblogmyrules.

Ever since skinny jeans became the "it" jean I ditched loose fitting pants and never looked back. While I know I'll always be loyal to my skinnies, it's nice to switch things up once in a while. As I said a while back I'm digging more laid-back styles this summer and these cute pants definitely fall into that category.  Here's some fierce swishy pant inspiration:

Drapey Pants Inspo

The only problem is that there are so many cute options out there-

Swishy Pants
I finally found a pair I liked (at Forever 21 of all places) last week and was so excited! I styled mine with a loose tank, long pendant necklace, and simple sandals for dinner at our beach house.

Swishy pants

Comfortable, but still stylish = fashion win.

-Lanie W.


French Twist

We're at our family beach house this week which means I'm basically living in a bikini 24/7 #nocomplaints. As a smaller chested girl I usually gravitate toward bandeau tops, but after stumbling upon J. Crew's version of the French-style top I've decided I want to switch things up and give a new suit a try.

I love how sporty this style looks and that the straps hook in the back like a bra rather than tying around your neck. Halter tops get so annoying after a while and I can never quite get them tied at the proper length.

Naturally J. Crew released a ton of fabulous french tops this season and I'm so inspired to rock one myself after seeing these photos from their summer catalogue-

J. Crew French Pt. 2

Patterns, neon, and black, oh my! So many pretty choices-

J. Crew French Bikini Tops

PS- I just wrote an article for Modern Magnolias (which you should follow if you aren't already!) about the items that every girl needs to have in their summer beach bag! Go check it out here!

If you need me, I'll be wearing my french top whilst lounging on the beach :) ciao darlings! xx

-Lanie W.


Romper Round Up

Okay so I know I'm totally late to the game on this one, but I just bought my first romper! I was in Target last week browsing when I stumbled across one and decided to try it on; the rest, as they say, was history.

It's potentially the most comfortable thing I've ever worn and is absolutely perfect for the crazy hot summers we have here in the south. It even has a little cut out detailing on at the waist which gives it some great air flow. I bought a medium and love that it's a tad more loose than what I would normally wear. Flowy items are a must for summertime in my book

I wore my romper for the first time last weekend during a day trip to Charleston with my boyfriend and felt simultaneously stylish and comfy all day- such a win/win!

Target Romper

Now that I've finally delved into the romper trend I'm hooked. I scoured the internet in search of other cute romper options and collected my absolute favorites to share with y'all. Take a look-

Romper Round-Up

<insert heart eyed emoji here> Like, can I just have them ALL? How do you feel about rompers? Have you given the sassy short/dress hybrid a try? If not, you definitely should. I seriously will be wearing mine all summer! xoxo

-Lanie W.


Rich Girl Rags

One of the best parts about living in the south is how much our little corner of the world has grown in the past few years. Awesome new restaurants and stores are popping up left and right and it makes me happy to be able to support local southern businesses. Rich Girl Rags, an adorable boutique based out of Charleston, just celebrated their first birthday and after a recent visit to their store I've fallen in love! It's so great to see a business that specifically caters to the stylish, young southern lady.

I was able to tag along on to a RGR photo-shoot last week (my Godsister - girl in the navy/white maxi dress below- models for them) and had a blast! The RGR ladies are beyond nice and pretty much embody the definition of 'hustle'. So inspiring!

Their "American Honey" 4th of July themed look-book just went live on Tuesday and I am so obsessed!  I love the use of red white and blue items, and that it was shot at a gorgeous location downtown Charleston. Go check it out, here!

A few of my favorite RGR pieces:

RGR Favorites

Seriously dying over that romper. Go explore out the RGR site for yourself- I dare you to not find something you like! Make sure to follow the boutique on Twitter and Instagram and like them on Facebook to stay up to date with their new arrivals and future lookbooks. Happy shopping! xoxo

-Lanie W.


Perfectly Perforated

I started noticing perforated items in early spring, but it wasn't until recently that they completely stole my heart. Usually perforated items make me think of all things cheap, cheesy, and just not my style (anyone remember jellie shoes?! ick), but when made with the right materials they can look uber chic.

This season the perforated look has really taken off in regards to accessories. Bags, shoes, jewelry, and even iPhone cases are boasting this see-through style. In regards to shoes I think tastefully done perforation looks fabulous and provide your feet with much needed air flow that is an extra treat in the sweltering summer months. Take a look at my picks and favorite perforated items:


Obsessed. I especially think the Gap sandals and cream Kate Spade cross-body are just scrumptious. Have you gotten a perforated accessory this season?

-Lanie W. 



Hello out there, (if anyone is still following along that is) I'm back!

Long story short- the end of the school year was incredibly hectic and overwhelming. That, combined with some health problems and general confusion about post-grad life left me feeling pretty blah and unsure about myself and what I enjoy.

People change and I wasn't sure if fashion/keeping on top of the blogging game was something I wanted to devote my time to anymore.

I was in a major rut creativity-wise and generally just questioning if I wanted to continue blogging. It had become more of a chore than an outlet for me to share things I'm passionate about which is not something I wanted my blog to become!

In the past week I've done some soul searching and realized that my blog is important to me and I want it to grow and to be able to share my ideas and thoughts with whoever reads my little corner of the internet. :)

I'm finally starting to really feel like myself again for the first time in I don't know how long and I've got to say, it feels incredible. 

I know that when I move to Orlando in August and begin my internship at Disney that blogging is going to be even more difficult, but I never want to abandon this part of my life because it's such great practice for the digital publishing/fashion career I want to pursue once my internship is over. (more to come on that later)

Moving forward I want my blog to be more authentically me. It's so easy for me to write in that overly-peppy blogger way that so many people use, but I want y'all to come to my blog and leave with a sense of who I am as a person. Sure, fashion trends are fun but I want to provide a little more substance and personality so I don't get lost in all the white-noise blogging creates these days. My new mantra:

So, that's my little story and explanation as to why I've been gone so long and why I've returned. I hope that if you've stuck around you'll forgive me and continue to come back here to read my thoughts and see what's inspiring me each week. Be back soon with new content for your viewing pleasure.


-Lanie W.


Statement Sleeves

Firstly, let me apologize for my absence these past few days! Wednesday I came home for my brother's high school graduation festivities and have been on the go over since. We had family come down and it was so so so wonderful to spend time with everyone and celebrate such an exciting event! Family time is the best time.

Other than family time, one of my favorite parts about coming home is being able to catch up on all of my magazines and catalogues that still get delivered here. I was flipping through the J. Crew June style guide and saw the cutest top with a statement flutter sleeve. Typically I would stay away from this dramatic look, but I found myself really loving it. Statement sleeves are a fun way to add some variety to the everyday blouse and I think they're just precious for summer!

After some Pinterest stalking research I found so many great outftis featuring this sassy style. Take a look at my favorites-

How do you feel about statement sleeves? Totally fun or too much?

-Lanie W.