Kate Spade Spring 2015

Happy first Monday of spring! I felt like this season would never arrive. It's strange and wonderful to be able to leave my apartment without a jacket (even though it still makes me feel like I'm forgetting something). To celebrate the warmth and sunshine I thought I'd share my favorite ad campaign of the spring season - Kate Spade!

As someone who works in the retail/marketing world I can definitely appreciate all the work and details that went into this adorable campaign. They took a seemingly simple scene - an unassuming park bench - and made it come alive with their cheeky clothing and buzz-worthy models.

Serious snaps for whoever suggested the Karlie Kloss + Iris Apfel combination- it really allows KS to appeal to a wide age range of customers (which is always the goal of retail). The blend of ages makes them appear all inclusive, as if to say "Kate Spade is adorable on everyone no matter their age!". Brill-i-ant.

While the ads are definitely lovely, the spring line itself is just too cute. Such a great balance of ladylike silhouettes, bold colors/patterns, and touches of popular trends (a la the matching set and sporty chic looks). Here's my favorite styles from the Spring 2015 lookbook:

I'll take one of each please! :) What lines/ads are you loving for spring?

-Lanie W.

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