Christmas Wish-List || Bedroom Update

Happy Black Friday, y'all! It's the first official day of the Christmas season and I'm sure a ton of you will be spending today making a dent in that Christmas-giving list you've been compiling all year. Instead of sharing another "gift guide for X person" post that have been everywhere for the past few weeks I've decided to share a series about what's on my personal Christmas wish list. I'll post a new installment every Friday leading up until Christmas Day!

I usually struggle to come up with a list, but this year there are so many things I need in this post-grad time of life. Of course there are plenty of fun wants as well, and I'll be sharing those too!I know that I personally love being nosy and getting a peek at others' lists. It makes me feel like I know the person a little bit better and I hope that is exactly what I accomplish during this series! So without further ado here we go!

This first installment of my Christmas Wish-List series is all about the bedroom. I feel like I've always had a mix-matched, thrown together room. Whether it was furniture I've had since I was three, a comforter I bought as a tween, or inexpensive shelving from my college days, my room has never been exactly cohesive or aesthetically pleasing.

Now that I'm a post-grad/young adult (or whatever you call a working 22 year old), I'm determined to make my room a total reflection of me. The design idea I've curated for my room is centered around timeless bedding, plush accessories, neutral colors, gold accents, and sleek furnishings. Take a look-

Christmas List | Bedroom Update

What do you think? I'm incredibly excited to see this all come together and will be sure to keep y'all posted! Have a happy holiday weekend full of movie-watching, leftovers-muching, and blessings-counting!

-Lanie W.


Mixing It Up: Plaid Edition

As I've gotten older I've come around to so many things that I vehemently hated in my younger days. For example, I really disliked chocolate (I know, I know) for most of my life, then when I studied abroad in Belgium I finally tried it again and to my surprise, I loved it! This same cycle has happened to me with fashion more and more frequently. Items/trends I once thought were ugly or just not me are suddenly all I want to wear. I kind of love this whole phenomenon though, it's exciting to see the capacity that we have to grow and change over the years.

This is all a super long way of telling you that I bought this scarf and am now obsessed with all things buffalo plaid. Seriously, what took me so long?! Sure, it's reminiscent of the Brawny Paper Towel Man, but it's also ruggedly chic, laid back, and perfectly all-American. I can't get enough.

Mad for Buffalo Plaid

I'm officially declaring buffalo paid (or "check" - whichever you prefer) the pattern of the 2014 holiday season! It just has a vibe that screams festive and makes me want to bundle up and take a walking tour of holiday decorations while Christmas caroling and drinking hot-chocoalte. Take a look at how some fabulous ladies have styled this fun pattern!

Buffalo Plaid

If you need me, I'll be cozying up in my buffalo plaid scarf and listening to holiday tunes until further notice. ;) I hope that each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! Cheers! xoxoxo

-Lanie W.


Skirts + Tights | No. 2

Cold weather fashion can sometimes be a bit limiting- esp. when it comes to what to wear on your bottom-half. On the one hand you don't want to freeze, but wearing the same rotation of jeans/leggings can get old fast. I wrote a post centered around this sassy style-hack last year and it's easily the most pinned thing from my Pinterest, so I thought I'd bring round-two this year!

This time of the year, and its jam-packed calendar of events, is full of opportunities to spice up your look and try something different. To give you some inspiration I've pulled together some skirt/tights combinations that will not only make you feel super stylish and glam, but keep your legs warm and toasty at the same time. There are so many different combinations you can make with this super simple style formula. From dressy, to casual, to in-between, the options are truly endless. From Thanksgiving to New Years these pretty pairs are the perfect solution to your wardrobe woes. Take a look-

Skirts + Tights | No. 2

So great/simple, right? I plan on wearing a version of the plaid/maroon combo for Thanksgiving! Which is your favorite?

-Lanie W. 


Hit the Links | No. 5

Hello out there! If you stuck around after yesterdays post, thank you. I realize that it was a much heavier topic than I usually cover around here, but it was something that was on my heart and once I started typing it literally wrote itself. I usually go back and edit my posts multiple times but yesterday everything I wanted to say came out perfectly as soon as I began writing. It was so helpful to get all of that out of my head and onto paper (screen?). If I can help just one other person who is dealing/has dealt with the same thing then I think departing from my normal subject matter was worth it.

ANYHOO - today I've decided to bring back on old series from last winter entitled "Hit the Links". If you've been reading for a while you may remember it. Honestly, I'm not sure why I stopped doing it, but I found some cute things that I wanted to share this week and after yesterday I thought a light-hearted post was necessary. So without further ado, take a look at my favorite (holiday-themed) links from around the web this week! 

1 || Kristen Bell + Straight No Chaser = best/most relevant millennial Christmas song ever 

2 || This article on how to host Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving) in a small apartment is super helpful!

3 || The "Christmas Jammies" family is back with a hilariously catchy new video all about Thanksgiving:

4 || The fab Ms. Palermo put together the only travel packing list you'll need this holiday season!

-Lanie W.


Dealing With Grief During The Holidays

So, in case you didn't realize this already, Thanksgiving is one week away. For the majority of people the holidays are simply a happy time when your family can all come together to fellowship, eat lots of yummy food, and appreciate the blessings and memories the past year has brought. For others, however, the holidays place a giant magnifying glass on the pain and loss you deal with every single day of the year. Sadly, my family has fallen in the latter category for the past three holiday seasons- ever since the unexpected loss of my younger brother.

I know that my family isn't the only one who has to deal with the looming grey cloud of grief during a time thats supposed to be overly joyous and happy, so I thought I'd share a few ways that I personally have dealt with the super conflicting, confusing metal battle of simultaneously wanting to bask in the holiday glow while mourning the loss of a family member and everything that made the holidays special for the majority of your life.

1 // Be the sunshine

Personally, I've taken on the role of an uplifter, a fixer, and someone who constantly tries to make everything better. When things are heading down a sad path, I change the subject to something lighter. When people are falling into a "glass half empty" mentality I make emphasize the positives and try to turn things around. Obviously not everyone can be this person, but I've found that it really helps to inject positive energy into an otherwise dim situation. Making the extra effort can truly be the difference in changing people's attitudes and bringing smiles to a room full of frowns.

2 // Let go of old traditions - and be okay with it

I'm someone who has always loved the holidays- the traditions, the planning, the anticipation, the decorations, the fellowship, the parties- everything. I was always the one organizing, keeping traditions going, and making sure everything went off without a hitch. When I realized that the holidays were never going to be the same it was a huge mental hurdle to make and I had to grieve all over again. Losing my favorite traditions like picking out the perfect Christmas Tree with my Dad, decorating the house with my Mom, and playing pictionary as a family on Christmas Eve, made me completely distraught. It took lots of time and constant pep-talking myself to let these things go.

3 // Make new traditions

When I lost our old traditions I had to accept that we could have new traditions to take their place - and that that was okay. Switching things up was necessary to keep our family moving forward, and we had to create new ways to do things to try and make our loss less painful. Instead of Christmas at home we went to a cabin in the mountains. Instead of spending Christmas day sitting around and lounging we found an activity (hiking) to keep us busy. The holidays will never be as innocent and simply happy as they were before, but creating new traditions was a really helpful way to cope.

4 // Focus on the things you can control

You can't make everyone else feel better. You can't force people to forget how much has changed and focus on everything we're missing. However, you can make sure that you are doing everything in your power to make things as good as possible. Simply reminding yourself to focus on the positives rather than falling into a hole of sadness can and will rub off on others. Remind yourself that a negative mind will only bring a negative vibe to everything you do. If you consciously refuse to let yourself be a grinch you'll see that you have the ability to make things as good as you can. 

5 // Remind yourself that no matter what, things could be worse - you are blessed

Yes it's incredibly hard and yes it really, really, really sucks that you lost a loved one, but somewhere out there lives a person with a worse situation. Someone without clean water, without food, without any friends/family, without warm clothes, without a safe place to stay. Whenever you're slipping into that "poor me" mindset snap yourself out of it and remember that despite everything, you're still blessed. Like Winne the Pooh said, "How lucky am I to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard"- be thankful that you had the opportunity to have the time you had with that person rather than sad/angry that they're gone. I promise that realizing this will make your mountain seem like a molehill and put a little peace in the midst of your pain.

-Lanie W.


Be Back Soon

Hello pretty people! Just a heads up- I've decided to take a mini-hiatus from blogging in order to give my full attention/effort to the big, exciting life changes that are taking place around here. I won't be gone long and promise to return with lots of fresh content and details about everything that's happening. Cheers! xoxoxo

-Lanie W.


Red Alert

Hello there! Sincerest apologies for my absence on Friday; some pretty major (in a good way!) life stuff happened last week and my mind has been all over the place trying to get a grip on everything! More specific details to come very soon, but in the meantime I'd appreciate all the good vibes you can send my way. :)

I don't know if you've noticed, but Christmas has officially started to take over. Every other ad on television is holiday-themed, sparkly decorations are starting to overshadow pumpkins and leaves on Instagram, and bloggers have already begun their "gift-guide" posts (which seem to be an unspoken blog requirement these days).

I've always been torn on when exactly to begin the holiday season. I definitely adore Christmas and everything that comes with it- the music, the decorations, the celebration- it all makes me so happy. However, I also hate that poor Thanksgiving gets overlooked more and more each year. Because of this I've been brainstorming ways to ease into the holiday season without jumping the gun and going full on Rudolph in early November. I don't want to risk getting burnt out too early!

My brilliant solution? Embracing the color red! I've never really been into primary colors, and red is probably the least prevalent hue in my wardrobe. However, this festive time of the year has inspired me to change my tune. I've pulled together some great options to help you incorporate this cheery color into your wardrobe from head to toe-

Seeing RED

How do you feel about the early start to the festive season? I'll be honest, I'm going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party tonight and can't wait to throw on some red and soak in the (pre-mature) holiday cheer! ;) xoxo

-Lanie W.


Target Treasures | Faribault Shawl

I usually try and resist Target and its astounding ability to make me spend countless hours wandering their aisles, but they continue to lure me in with their amazing brand collaborations. During a recent visit to their website I spotted their latest line with the Faribault Wolen Mills Company and was immediately in love. Not only are the products in the line great, but the people who make them are great as well. The family-run company has been around since the 1800's and all of their products are made in America. In a time when so many items are being outsourced to other counties it's so refreshing to see this kind of craftsmanship and dedication to quality still exists.

We're entering that time of the year when the days are short and the air is consistently crisp. When the weather turns wintery I become a sucker for all things warm, and this cozy collab full of blankets, scarves (and more!) makes for the perfect cold-weather companion.

My favorite part of the line is definitely the striped wool shawls. They have a rustic, mountain-chic vibe that reminds me of Ralph Lauren (but at a much lower price point). I can totally see myself wearing one of these with boots and jeans throughout the holiday season. Perfect way to stay warm, comfy, and stylish. That's a #fashionwin in my book!

Faribault x Target Shawl
What do you think about the line? Are you as addicted to Target as I am? If so, at least we're in this together! xo

-Lanie W.


Current Gratitude | 11.3.14

It. Is. November... 2014 ill be over in less than two months... Just let that sink in y'all.

I've always loved this time of the year, but to be honest I'm a little confused about how to go about the holidays in a world where I'm not a student with a designated three week break in which to enjoy it. I'm so new to this concept of being an "adult" in the "real world" that I found myself weirdly bummed and stressed rather than excited when I thought about the upcoming holiday season (which is really unlike me #christmasobsessed).

Personally, I've found that it's totally overwhelming to think about change in a large-scale way. When I let myself look at the big picture I usually fall into some major anxiety and general stress about life. I've found that if I ease into things and accept the small changes as they come it's easier for my structure/routine/tradition loving self to process.

I know I'm not alone when I say that each day of this post-grad life brings something hard different to deal with, and if you have any tips on how you cope/have coped with all this change I'd love to hear them! Okay, rant over. Back to the matter at hand- gratitude.

What I'm grateful for this week:
the autumn jazz station on pandora 
snuggling in front of the fire on a quick visit home
getting to hang out and catch up with my little brother 
being able to watch old movies whenever I wish #thanksnetflix 
parents who support me, encourage me, inspire me, and never let me settle
finally getting to wear my Barbour and riding boots #typicalwhitegirl

What are you grateful for this week? How do you deal when faced with lots of change at once? xx

-Lanie W.