21 Candles

*fair warning- picture heavy post ahead*

Today is so special of a day for one of my favorites it deserves a post all it's own. Today is my best best best friend Makenzie's  TWENTY FIRST Birthday!!! I can't even believe that we've hit the age where all our friends are turning 21 left and right. When we first met as freshman at 18 years old this day seemed so very far away! (Here's our very first picture together freshman year! Mak is the brunette!)

Makenzie and I met through Amanda (the blonde on the right) who graduated high school with me, one of the first nights of college. She and Makenzie are from the same town and were roommates freshman year! Due to other situations I ended up spending all most of my time in their room that year. I considered myself an "honorary" roommate ;) My freshman year was so much better because of these girls and soon after meeting Makenzie we realized we were literally the same person. We talk all the time about how we have the same brain. We say/think the same things at the same time, and get each other and understand each others weirdness more than normal people should. Here's some of my favorite pictures of us from that awesome freshman year.

Sophomore year due to crazy circumstances we both transferred to different schools (in the same state) but of course continued to be best friends and visited each other every chance we got. It's SO true when they say "distance means so little when someone means so much". We talked on the phone all the time but I missed having her in my every day life so much!! Here's a few pics from last years visits!

Thankfully all the cards aligned and Makenzie transferred to the college I am currently attending this past August and now we're roomies! This year has been so much fun and honestly the best year of college so far! And it was just the cherry on top of the perfect year that she also rushed and was initiated into the same sorority I am in! :) I could not ask for a better friend, roommate, or sister and I wonder how I got through 18 years of life without her! I know we will be friends until we're old and grey, sharing a room in a nursing home! I love this girl so much and I hope she has the best 21st birthday possible!

Happy Birthday Makenzie!!!! 


Excitement Is An Understatement

Today is an amazing day. Why? 1. The sun is out for the first time in a straight week and 2. Today is the 18th which means exactly TWO months until my friends and I leave the main land and head to the Bahamas on a Spring Break Cruise!!! Oh my goodness, I could not be more ready for a week of nothing but good friends, sunshine, bathing suits & sunglasses, relaxing, daiquiris/margaritas, and dancing until the wee hours of the night!!

Obviously I'm going to have to do something to distract myself from the nasty winter weather for the next two months so until then I will continue to day dream and plan out everything were going to do in my head while listening to a live Jimmy Buffett album from 1978. Here's a sneek peak of what's running through my head right now!

Spring Break 2013

Is that not perfection? A ruffled bikini (in one of my fav. colors) aviators, a sun hat and the most perfect TB sandals? sigh. Get me to March 18th pretty please!!! 

What are you doing for spring break? Are you as ready for it as I am? Let me know! :)

-Lanie W.


Outfit Obsession: Golden Globes Edition

As a self proclaimed pop culture addict of course I was tuned in as soon as the clock struck 5pm on Sunday, ready to see what fashion choices the "celebs" would make this year. Awards season is always so fun and I love to see who will be on the best/worst dressed lists respectively. Of course they could go for the out-there Lady Gaga crazy, but it always seems to me the ladies who choose the simple silhouette with tasteful accessories always get it right. I picked my top three favorite looks of the night to share, starting with my number one choice!

1. Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta. 

Everything about this look is perfection. A classic sweet heart neck line with a pearl choker and sleek pony all work together to create a look only the quirky and adorable star of New Girl could pull off. Can't y'all just imagine her at a debutant ball or black tie wedding in the 1960's South? Sigh, A+ girl!

2. Hayden Panettiere in custom Roberto Cavalli

Okay, this can we talk about how dainty and amazing the petite actress looks in this ballet pink gown? Oh my goodness, so fresh and soft, she looks like she just walked off of a cloud. The single stone necklace and simple earrings are the perfect choice with this dress and I can't get enough! I would wear this exact outfit to a formal or black tie event. Adore!!

3. Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior Haute Couture

While very similar to Zooey's dress in color and silhouette, Jennifer's look is a much more modern and edgy take on the bright dress in a classic shape. The gold belt is the perfect masculine accent that makes an otherwise feminine look interesting. Can't wait to see more this season from this young starlet!

What do you think about my top 3 favorite looks? Do you agree or disagree? What were your favorite or least favorite looks of the night? Let me know!!

-Lanie W.


Back to school: Second Semester

Ah, spring semester. With no football my college town is considerably less crazy than it is in the fall, but the anticipation of warm weather and pool days gets me through the seemingly endless cold walks to class (boo 8ams!). At the beginning of fall semester I did a "first day of school" outfit post so I decided I would do a second semester one as well!

With freezing days dressing for class is now much more complicated since you have to layer, wear a scarf/gloves and obviously a coat of some sort. I hate feeling like I can't relax in class so while I always try to look put together I also strive for comfort.

Spring Semester

You can't go wrong with the tried and true riding boots/skinny jeans combo and I am loving the simplicity of this striped knit sweater, perfect for overly warm or cold class rooms! Adding my new obsession/Christmas presents the Women's Utility Barbour jacket & petite Ray Ban aviators and I'm ready to tackle a new semester!

I've ordered my books, now I just need to organize my binders and I'll be good to go! Are you ready for second semester? What do you plan  on wearing for the first day of class? Let me know!

-Lanie W.


Simple in Savannah

Have I ever mentioned how much I love that my family lives 30 minutes from historic Savannah Georgia? It really is a blessing living so close to such a beautiful historic city. On New Years Eve my boyfriend and I ventured across the state line to the Sav to eat lunch and shop around and enjoy a beautiful day. Here's a slice of the beautiful city-

I didn't plan on taking pictures that day but felt inspired by the beautiful backdrops the city provides. I'm wearing a J. Crew sweater & boots, Ray Ban Aviators (thank you Santa!), AE Jeggins, Michael Kors watch and a vintage leather saddle bag. Less is more is quickly becoming my motto and I loved out this simple ensemble turned out.

If you've never visited Savannah you have to go! It's gorgeous at all times of year! Cheers!

-Lanie W.