How To Wear: Chambray Dress

You have your standard LBD (little black dress), or even an LWD (little white dress), but lately I've been all about the LDD- little denim dress that is! Denim is one of my favorite fabrics. It is so comfy, versatile, and looks great just about any way you style it! However to me, the best denim silhouette when it's in the classic form of the easy-breezy shirt dress! Take a look-

I just ordered the second dress pictured above last week for a crazy steal of $9.00 (find it here)! It's currently being altered because it was a bit too long, but once I get it back I know it will be in heavy rotation in my closet. I plan to wear it now with sandals, in early fall with desert booties, and in late fall with riding boots! I'll definitely do an outfit post featuring the different ways to style this great little dress! Do you like the look of denim dresses? How would you style it? 

-Lanie W.


Looks For Less: Ankle Booties

Y'all I have been stalking all my favorite online shopping sites for the past few weeks just waiting for a glimpse of their fall collections. I am currently crazily obsessed with in the market for some fall booties and have been searching up and down for the perfect pair. After copious Pinterest research I noticed a bootie by Rag and Bone that quite a few stylish hollywood ladies were seen sporting last fall. Take a look-

Emma Stone.
Reese Witherspoon.
Elizabeth Olsen 

Rachel Bilson.

Bootie Love - Splurge or Spend

Pretty similar, no? I can't wait to grab a pair of these as soon as possible. They will be the perfect transition to fall shoe! They could look great with a dress or skirt for the warmer months of September and October, and when the heat dissipates they could go with a cuffed boyfriend jean and cozy sweater! What do you think about these booties? Are you going to grab a pair?

-Lanie W.


How To Wear: Chambray With Jeans

When the chambray shirt became a fashion obsession a few years ago I toyed around with the idea of pairing it with jeans for a fashion-forward look, but never had the nerve to give it a real try. However, now this combo is quite common! The trick to make the look wearable is to vary the shades of denim you put together. It seems that lighter on top, and darker on bottom is the way to go. 

I love how this fun combo can be styled so many different ways! Take a look-

Trendy with peep-toe booties.
Jazzed up with pretty accessories.
Sleek and simple on OP.
Miss Emma Stone looking casual with a short version.
Monotone with boyfriend jeans on one of my favorite bloggers.
Jenna Lyons rocking it with pointy toe pumps.
An oversize shirt with sneaks for a casual feel.
Have you tried denim on denim before? How did you style it? Which of these looks do you like best?

-Lanie W.


Penny Loafers

It's a loafer showdown y'all! I have been researching loafers for a while now and have come down to two finalists and I need your help! I love both, but just can't decide! Which would you choose? The laid back Sperry version, or the classic Sebago?

Loafer vs Loafer

I've been wanting a pair of loafers for over a year now, and am so excited to finally purchase my first pair! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

-Lanie W.


One Year Blog Anniversary

To many, today may simply be July 22nd, but to me it will forever be Southern Preppy Chic's birthday!

I've always had ideas running through my head that I usually took care of by an afternoon of outfit creating (aka dress-up), but last July I finally decided to do something more productive about all my ideas by jumping into the blog world!

I had so much inspiration around me that I just had to get it out in some way, and so this little blog was born! I've loved being able to share things that spark my interest, do some collaborative posts with brands, and get to know all of you! I so appreciate that people choose to come and read what I have to say about fashion- no matter how small my readership may be.

I've been thinking about the direction I want this blog to go in the future, and I want to keep it generally the same. I love that it is primarily fashion based, however I've realized that most of my favorite blogs (that I read religiously) are all lifestyle based. These bloggers share things about their lives that I usually just don't talk about on SPC. 

So I pose the question- would y'all like more lifestyle/non fashion posts on the blog? I do have ideas in this area, but I've always seen this space as a place to talk about style, not me. I'd love to hear your feedback because it really helps me decide what works and what doesn't!

I just can't wait to see where this blog takes me in the future! I've had so much fun and learned so much the past year, but if I know one thing it's that the best is yet to come. :) Hope you'll continue this journey with me! Xoxo

-Lanie W.


Current Wish-list

It seems that my wish-list is always a mile long. Right now I'm lusting over a few specific items that would really round out my wardrobe-

7/18/13 Wish List

1.  Design Darling Mr. & Mrs. Muse Mug - How precious are these Design Darling mugs? I love drinking my morning coffee out of a snappy little cup, it makes mornings that much more fun!

2. AE Double Zip Suede Bootie- So I haven't shopped at American Eagle in probably close to five years, but I randomly clicked over to their website a couple of weeks ago and saw these and have been obsessed ever since. They're pretty much the perfect bootie for fall, and at a reasonable price! I can't wait to get my hands on these.

3. Trench Coat- I don't have a link for this item because I am still searching for the perfect one. If any of y'all have a trench that you love let me know where you got it! This is one of those *must have* items for any woman's closet that I am dying for.

4. Design Darling Tortoiseshell Necklace- I've had my eye on this necklace for over a year now, so I think that's a pretty good sign that I need it. I would love to pair it with button downs or sweaters when the weather turns chilly!

5. Gap 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans- Need. Need. Need. I want to order them online but am unsure about what size I should get. I'm looking forward to tax free weekend so I can try these pretties on in store and find which ones are perfect for me!

6. Gap Leather Ballet Flat- Neutral flats are a necessity to any girls wardrobe, and these are perfect to pair with jeans or a cute casual dress for class or a day of shopping!

So there you have it- my current wishlist. What are you lusting over these days? Let me know!

-Lanie W.


Style Crush: A Good Life (For Less)

Sometimes you discover something and it's like a little part of you that you didn't even know was missing becomes complete. I may be acting a tad (read: a ton) dramatic, but that is exactly how I felt when I stumbled upon the blog The Good Life (For Less) Monday night.

It happened innocently enough, I was researching Gap's Sexy Boyfriend Jean online trying to decide what wash I wanted to purchase when I came across this photo, and I stopped. Every single part about this look is my exact style. Button down, great jeans, classic heels, a simple watch, a gorgeous neutral leather bag? YES.

Normally I would just like this pin and move on, but after seeing this outfit I had to see more so I clicked over to the post the picture came from and I saw where she said this:

"I gravitate towards preppy looks with two or three main components instead of oodles of layers and accessories. Often as a bloggers I feel like I need to add that 'certain something' to make a look complete. I feel like my looks are complete when they are organic and not over styled, almost minimalist."

Oh my lanta, it was seriously like looking into a fashion mirror. That is my exact style philosophy. I adore fashion blogs, but I have never found one that was 100% similar to my taste before now. Y'all know I am not a frou-frou girl, I love simple classic outfits which are precisely what her's are. Take a look-

After re-pinning basically every look I could find, I am beyond inspired to style a massive amount of outfits. I can't even contain myself! I've been desperately looking for fashion inspiration lately and this is just what I needed! I may even start doing personal outfit posts, so if that's something y'all would like to see let me know!

And if you don't already follow her blog, go do it!

-Lanie W.


How To Wear: Head Scarf

Y'all know how much I appreciate a good hat. I am a dedicated lover of classic accessories, yet one that I have never tried is the head scarf. In the past head scarves were as common an accessory as sun glasses, and I'm so sad they faded away from every day use. I mean, come on, just take a look at how perfect these ladies look-

So fabulous, no? Lately I've noticed ladies using these silky scarves in a new way- as headbands! I love the idea of putting a modern spin on a tried and true classic. 

I can't wait to try this updated classic accessory! Silk scarves are super versatile and look just as great poolside as they do at brunch with your girlfriends. I love that they can be tied  in so many different ways to give a whole new vibe to your favorite outfit. Head over to your local vintage shop and snag one for yourself, you won't regret it! Have you ever worn a head scarf? How did you tie it?

-Lanie W.


Knotted Button Up Shirt

It's no secret that I love classic fashion. One of my favorite fashion periods is the 1940's-1960's.  People were just so effortlessly glamourous back then that I can't help but be obsessed. Last summer I noticed a vintage styling trend starting to emerge back on the scene- tie front shirts.

This styling trick can take an otherwise blah outfit and make it sassy and fun! A knotted oxford looks fab with shorts, skinnies, or for a super on-trend look- with a maxi skirt! Have you tried this fun summery look? How did you style it?

-Lanie W.


Daily Uniform

I went to a private school from 1st until 12th grade. My first four years at school we didn't have a dress code, but the year I started 5th grade the school decided to mandate uniforms. So from ages 10 to 18 I wore a white, grey or maroon polo shirt and khaki pants five days a week. By the time I graduated I never wanted to see a uniform ever again. Ever.

However, this summer I've ironically been searching around online for uniform tops. Why? Because I am obsessed with the thought of a short sleeved button down after seeing Ms. Sarah Vickers in this J. Crew popover-

Seriously, so perfect! Since I'm on a college budget I've been searching around for a more affordable version online, and surprisingly found that youth uniform shops have them for super reasonable prices.

Short Sleeved Oxford

I have a feeling this will be my go-to late summer/early fall outfit! I can't wait to wear my first 'uniform' in over three years. How would you style a short sleeved oxford?

-Lanie W.


Summer Activities

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting as regularly for the past couple of weeks! I went to my family's beach house and took a small break from technology. Here's a look at what I've been up to:

Took my brother to The Lumineers concert in Charleston for his 17th Birthday present
Spent my days lounging on the beach (these were my mom's shorts from college!)
And many lazy afternoons on our ocean-front porch
My best friend/roommate came to stay for a few days! :)
Went to Columbia to help my dad do a wine tasting for our vineyard at the Governor's Mansion!
Twinning with my Momma!
And met our Governor Nikki Haley!
It was such a wonderful two weeks! However, now I'm back and trying to get into the swing of things!

I usually post things that inspire me or spark my interest in some way, but I haven't been that inspired fashion-wise lately for whatever reason. I am traveling to the mountains with my parents, brother and boyfriend this weekend for the holiday and I'm hoping a change of scenery will get my creative juices flowing once again!

I'll be back to regular posting (M/W/F) next Monday! Until then, I hope you darlings have a wonderful Independence Day and a smashing holiday weekend!

-Lanie W.