J. Crew Lanie Sandal

Today I was innocently flipping through the newest J. Crew Style Guide, and I came upon a page that made my heart stop. Right in the middle of the style guide was MY NAME. That's right, J. Crew now has a shoe called the "Lanie Stacked Heel Sandal" described as "perfectly polished, these must have day-to-night sandals feature a wide ankle strap and a stacked heel that works beautifully with absolutely everything". *insert girlish squeal*

Now you may be thinking "what's the big deal? It's just a shoe", but nothing is ever ever ever named Lanie. When I was a kid everyone else had those little keychains with their names on them but I was always left out because I could never find one with my name. If something was the same name as me it is always spelled with an EY at the end, never an IE. The biggest deal about this shoe is that it's actually spelled the way I spell my name! 

Having J. Crew name a shoe "Lanie" is awesome enough, but the shoe is actually gorgeous. Classic, sleek, and simply elegant; exactly my style! Take a look:
Warm Jade


Violet Dust
Swoon. I'm going to keep pretending that they made and named this shoe just for me. ;-) Now, how to go about convincing Jenna & crew to send me a pair? Hehe, a girl can dream!

PS- Modern Magnolias is live!! I couldn't be more excited! Go check out the site's first post! :)

-Lanie W.


How To Style Boyfriend Jeans

I'm petite. I stand about 5 feet 3 inches tall and have a generally small frame. Because of this I've always stayed away from baggy clothing, specifically- loose fitting pants. All the magazines say skinny style, cropped pants are the best for someone with my build. I've always listened to their advice and all of my jeans/pants are skinny-fit and snug. However, recently I was doing some online shopping and came across these on the Kate Spade Saturday site. They're perfect! Such a great color, and just slouchy enough without completely losing shape.

I think I finally need to take the jump and try out boyfriend jeans! These ladies below make them look so chic. The great thing about these jeans is that they lend a relaxed vibe and can be styled both up with heels, or down with leather flats! Take a look-

I can't wait to finally give this style a try! Do y'all like boyfriend jeans? What brand makes the best pair? Let me know! :)

-Lanie W.


Splurge or Save

Sometimes being a fashion obsessed college student can turn into quite the conundrum. It seems that everything I fall in love with has a hefty price tag to match. Blog hopping can quickly turn into an "Omgah I need everything" situation that never ends well. Months ago I pinned this photo of the always classically cool Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific with the most gorgeous leather duffle ever ever ever. I mean come on-

link to post
Just, wow. Frank Clegg is a genius. However, when I found the bag online my soul was crushed when I saw its price-

Since falling in love with this leather beauty I've kept an eye out for an affordable version. Lo and behold, I was Pinteresting this week and found one that is $700 less than the Clegg bag-

So pretty, right? And so affordable! It gives off the same classic, streamlined, cool vibe without breaking the bank! To me, grown-up luggage is a necessity. While I love my Vera Bradley duffle bags and polka dot suitcase, my style has matured since I first got them in middle/high school. This bag is the perfect next step into my twenty-something travels. Do you have 'grown-up' luggage? Let me know!

ps- Everyone go check out Kayla's blog: Young Women Of Society  // she just started it and her posts are all about bringing class and grace back to our generation! I think you'll enjoy it!

-Lanie W.


How To Wear: White Converse

Slightly embarrassing confession: I had a pair (or two) of Converse back in the days when Selena Gomez was my biggest fashion inspiration) and I was trying to figure out my style. One pair was dark grey and one was turquoise. They were loud and very different than what people I knew usually wore. I wore them to stand out but after a while I grew out of that stage, my style evolved, and I realized that they were a bit too hard for my taste.

However, lately I have been seeing Converse, or 'Chuck Taylors', all over Pinterest and the Blog-o-sphere looking super chic, classic, and cool. So what's the difference between the Chucks of middle school and today? The color! Now it's all about crisp, all white, low-tops. They look amazing with shorts, dresses, shorts, whatever the season.

All images via

Adorable, right?? These ladies have totally changed my mind on Chucks. Rather than having a skater vibe the crisp white version gives off a classic 'American Girl' vibe that I can't get enough of! I just might have to get my hands on a pair and start styling! What do you think about white Chucks? How would you wear them? Let me know!

-Lanie W.


10 Tips for Studying Abroad

With so many students jetting off to the corners of the world to study abroad within the next couple weeks I thought I would give my advice that I learned from studying abroad last summer! I loved every second of being abroad, but definitely learned a lot and have lots of advice to share so here it goes! (fair warning- text heavy post!)

#1: Don't bring: Shoes that you have to break in.

I decided that I wanted a pair of nude flats to take with me on my trip. I thought they would go with everything and be super versatile. I found a cute patent pair at Target and thought they would be my go-to shoe during my Maymester. For some reason I decide to wear them on my flight over. They were fine while I was sitting still for eight hours. However I had no taken into consideration the enormous amount of walking I would be doing the first day there. Our apartment was not ready when we arrived so we walked around for hours before being able to go into our rooms and relax. Oh. My. God. The blisters I got from that first day lasted almost a month and gave me literal scars on my heels and the back sides of my feet. I still have nightmares. So PLEASE whatever you do only bring completely broken in, comfortable shoes for your trip and save yourself the pain and annoying frantic search for bandaids.

#2: Bring: cash and a debit card, not a credit card.

Here' something I wish I would have known- in Europe they don't split checks. In American that is such a standard procedure that I assumed it would be the same on the other side of the pond. Once I ran out of cash and had to start using the credit card I quickly realized that I had made a major mistake. Many places didn't even take credit cards and none would split a check, meaning that many times I had to put my groups meal on my card and have them pay me in cash. During one desperate time I had my mom wire me money through Western Union, but it was such a pain that it was more trouble than it was worth honestly. So, yeah, bring cash and a debit card so that you will be able to live!

#3: Don't bring: giant things of shampoo/conditioner/lotion etc.

I made the mistake of bringing way too many toiletry products which resulted in a bag that passed the weight limit and caused me an extra baggage charge. On my way back home to America I wore my heaviest clothes, put more things in my carry-on bag, and left all my toiletry products in Europe, and thankfully my bags were not overweight. Which leads me to my next point...

#4: Bring: warm clothes.

In the south when it hits April our coats go into storage. However, in Europe it is still cold in May/June.  I studied abroad in Belgium from mid-May to mid-June and for the first few weeks it was downright cold. I wished the entire time that I had brought a pair of riding boots. Thankfully my mom had convinced me to bring a coat and when we went to London I ended up wearing it the entire weekend. So don't assume it will be warm there (unless you're studying in Spain/Italy etc).

#5: Bring: a tablet of some sort.

You will be traveling to places other than your study abroad home base which means lots of flights, bus trips, and train rides. During these (long) journeys an e-reader or iPad would have come in so handy to help pass the time. Also, their ability to connect to wifi would have been a blessing. Phone charges can rack up so easily and become crazy expensive. I didn't bring my laptop on weekend trips because it was heavy and I didn't want it to get stolen. This really cut off my communication from home because I talked to my family mostly through Facebook chat and Skype to save money. If I would have had a tablet this wouldn't have been an issue. Yes, many hostels have computers in their lobby for you to use but often times people occupy these at the times you want to use them. So save yourself the hassle and bring a tablet.

#6: Bring: a book bag.

This is one of my biggest regrets. I wanted to look cute while in Europe so I stupidly brought a tote bag and not a bookbag. Oh man. My shoulders hated me by the end of my month abroad. Packing enough clothes and toiletries to last you a weekend traveling from place to place in one tote bag was hell. I was ready to tear that bag into a million pieces by the time our first weekend trip was done. Everyone else had book bags and had such an easier time carrying their things from place to place. Don't worry about looks, worry about utility and save yourself the pain and regret that I experienced.

#7: Bring: your camera's cord to be able to upload pictures.

I took so many pictures while abroad and after each weekend of traveling everyone else was able to upload their pictures for their friends and family at home to see but I could not. If I would have had my cord I could have saved myself a lot of time once I got home and also shared my experiences as they were happening with people at home. There is going to be downtime between your classes that you will want to be lazy and mess around on your computer so spend that time uploading pictures and kill two birds with one stone!

#8: Bring: your tennis shoes.

I am a fitness addict, but for some reason decided not to bring my tennis shoes with me abroad. Other people would go out and go for runs and I didn't have the ability to do that. Trust me, you will be eating and drinking so much that a few runs a week will be a god-send for your body and overall state of mind.

#9: Bring: a Tiger Rag (or your schools flag)

This is something I'm so happy I brought with me. Being able to represent Clemson in all the different places I visited was awesome. I brought my mom's Tiger Rag from the 80's and took countless pictures with it. Definitely a must bring!

#10: Bring: some of your favorite snacks/a refillable water bottle.

You may not be able to find your favorite food while abroad. Take it from me, I searched high and low for my favorite cereal the entire time we were there and never found it. Sometimes you just want to munch on a non-foreign food and having something like a box of your favorite snack there will be comforting when the occasional "I miss America" feeling sets in. Lastly bring a refillable water bottle like a Camelbak! Here's something no one told me before my trip- water in Europe isn't free. Seriously, they charge you for a glass of water without ice (there is never ice in drinks). Our hotel lobby had a water cooler, but because I didn't have a large bottle I could only get small glasses at a time. A refillable water bottle would have been an awesome way to hydrate (after long European nights out) and to bring with me during travel to save money.

Hope these all help you! These are all tips I wish someone would have told me before heading across the pond. Have so much fun while abroad and soak it all up! These memories and experiences will stay with you for the rest of your life! Cheers!

-Lanie W.


Modern Magnolias

It's no secret that I'm a Southern girl (hello it's in the title of my blog)! I was born and raised in South Carolina, and come from generations of amazing Southerners. I count my blessing every day that I am lucky enough to live in the South, and go to an incredible Southern university full of tradition and prestige. In short: I adore the South. However, this amazing area of the country is hardly ever accurately portrayed in the media. We are often stereotyped seen as backwards, un-educated, and slow. This could not be more wrong. The South is quickly becoming a major contender in fashion, business, PR, media, and so much more.

It's true that today's world is fast-paced, flashy, and thrives on instant-gratification. Since coming to college I've walked the tricky line of trying to embrace my Southern heritage and upbringing while taking advantage of the power of technology and social media at the same time. As a twenty-something Southern woman it can be tempting to think that we have to abandon our traditional values, grace, and manners to keep up with a brash society, but that simply isn't so. Enter Modern Magnolias

My friend (and inspiration) Rules For Belles has been setting an incredible example for young women everywhere for the past couple of years. She has written over three hundred 'Rules' for the modern Southern lady to follow that teach young women lessons on the poise, grace, and class that Southern women have embodied for hundreds of years. The media constantly mis-portrays the South and RFB's new endeavor Modern Magnolias is setting out to dispel the negative stereotype, and finally let real southern women shine! Here's how The Rules describes #ModernMagnolias: 


The Idea
Over the past year I have become more and more frustrated with how little I could relate to in the media. From trashy reality shows to gossip sites, the “Southern voice” seems to be completely unacknowledged. Somewhere around 45 million people are living in the South yet we are represented in the media by Honey Boo Boo, the Real Housewives of Atlanta and the awful fake accents on Nashville or Hart of Dixie. I want to change that. Why not have people who live, work and play in the South talk about their experiences?

What is a Modern Magnolia
Every good, Southern girl has grown up watching and loving Steel Magnolias. Our Mamas and Grandmamas were living, breathing examples of how to be a Steel Magnolia. I’d define a Steel Magnolia as a Southern woman who is feminine, beautiful- both inside and out, charming and gentile while possessing all the strength, resolution and determination needed to rise above whatever hardships she may encounter. 

But what about us? What about those of us who are figuring out how to live with one foot planted in tradition while the other foot has to navigate this new world of hyper-connectivity and over-sharing?! We are the next generation of Steel Magnolias; we are Modern Magnolias


Sounds amazing right?? I am incredibly honored that she has asked me to be a founding contributor to this brilliant site and I absolutely cannot wait to get started and see where it goes! Go check out the links and get excited because the Modern Magnolias are about to take over! Follow @ModernMagnolias and @RulesForBelles on Twitter to keep up to date with the site's progress! Hope y'all are as jazzed as I am!

-Lanie W.


Sleeveless Blouse

Hello dolls- I'm back! I had a lovely time at home and spent my days lazing in the sun reading- it was fabulous. Now it's back to the grindstone. I'm spending my summer working in the office of my campus gym, taking a few online summer courses, and teaching Zumba. My schedule is packed from here on out! So since I'm getting back into the swing of things I'm going to start positing regularly again also, yay!

When I was home I did some shopping with my mom and found an item I've been looking for since last summer- a sleeveless white button up!

I found this one at Forever 21 and have already had so much fun styling it! So far I've paired it with my pink J. Crew chino shorts and lavender Gap skinnies, and it was adorable with both! Here's a few of my white blouse outfit inspirations!

Literal perfection.


Emma adds a quirky twist.

So chic with a statement necklace & leather bag!
So classic and versatile, no? It's the perfect match to just about anything I own! I know this will be my go-to summer shirt. Do y'all like the sleeveless blouse look? What would you pair it with? Here's to a great summer!

-Lanie W.



Hello lovelies, just wanted to let y'all know that I won't be posting next week! This week was finals and I'm leaving today to go back to my small town for a week-long much needed break. Sadly my Mac charger is finicky and won't charge if it gets moved even an inch-meaning I won't have access to my computer next week.

Here's what my to-do list for the week looks like :)


Reading real books

Lounging outside

& spending time with my family! 

I should be back to regular posting (with lots to share) starting the 13th. Hope y'all have fabulous weeks, and good luck to those who are taking/still have to take finals! xoxo

-Lanie W.


Hair Crush: The Lob

I've never really done a hair or make-up post on here before, but I'm feeling super inspired about a particular haircut and I want y'alls opinions! My hair is currently crazy long, way past "mermaid" length. Here's a recent picture to give you an idea:

 I am so tired of it and ready for a completely new 'do'! Enter the "lob"aka the "long bob". With celebs from Jennifer Lawrence to Guiliana Rancic rocking this adorable cut I can't help myself but become obsessed. Check out this sassy style:

*all images via Pinterest*

Eep! I lovee it! I think it will be perfect for summer, and by the time school starts again in August it will have grown a couple of inches, so there is really nothing stopping me from biting the bullet! Do you think I'll be able to pull it off? What do you think about the long-bob trend? Let me know!

-Lanie W.