How To Wear: All White Outfit

White on white- It seems like something that wouldn't work on anyone other than a 6 foot model walking down a runway, but this summer I've been inspired by monotone ensembles. It doesn't get more classic than a crisp white oxford or a great white tee, and while I wouldn't normally think to pair them with a white bottom, the combination looks surprisingly chic. Dressed up or dressed down, this combo is next on my 'outfit to try' list. Check out how these ladies put their own spin on this look:

What do you think about white on white? Have you taken this fashion risk successfully? Let me know!

-Lanie W.

PS: Bonus points if you know where this post's title came from ;)


How To Wear: Jean Vest

There is simply no denying that 90's fashion is back in full force. From crop tops to flannel, the 90's are making their prodigal return in a big way. I've gotten on board with most of the neo-90's trends, but one that I've seen a lot lately and haven't tried yet is the denim vest. I never thought they could look so chic and current. Please check out the queen of 90's fashion, lovely Rachel Greene, rocking her best in an early episode of Friends. So sassy. 

And how cute is native Texan Demi Lovato in her vest and cowboy boots? 

Personally I tend to stick to the classics when shopping, but Pinterest is just full of ideas for trendy items. From dresses to pants, these vests make the perfect slightly edgy statement when paired with an otherwise girly outfit. 

Laid back and cool over a dress-

Or a sweater in the cooler months-

Or even with a tee and swingy skirt-

What do y'all think about the denim vest trend? Cute or too much? Let me know!

-Lanie W.


Shopping In The Kids Section

I'm a short girl and have always had such trouble finding clothes that were both age appropriate and fit correctly. As a child it was fine, but when I turned 12 and still had to shop in the 'kids' section, I was so embarrassed.  I waited for what seemed like a million years to finally be able to shop at "teenage" stores. I would walk past what were the 'cool' stores at the time (i.e. American Eagle/Hollister) with such envy for the girls who could wear their clothes. I'll never forget the first time I actually shopped there, I felt like the biggest deal ever. (For the record: I definitely don't shop at either of those stores anymore)

Since those days I haven't even thought about shopping in the children's section because I've always had to try really hard just to look my age (everyone thinks I'm 2 to 5 years younger than I actually am). However, I've heard so many good things about J. Crew's Crewcuts collection that I decided to go take a look for myself. Let me just say, wow! So many cute things.


I'm so obsessed with that pom-pom blouse and the coral shift dress! After finding such cute things at J. Crew I decided to go check out some of my other favorite stores' kids sections. Turns out that Gap was even better than J. Crew! And am I the only one who didn't know that DVF did a collection for their kids section?! So adorable. 


Love love love. Do y'all ever shop in the kids sections? The clothes are surprisingly chic, and the best part is they're usually half the price of regular clothing. Can't wait to take advantage of these beauts!

-Lanie W. 


Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

After seeing how Miss OP treated Whitney Port on The City I doubt anyone would nominate her for a miss congeniality award, but there is simply no denying that girlfriend has style. No matter what she wears she somehow looks completely fabulous and I have pinned countless shots of her enviable street style. 

When I saw this outfit I knew I had to re-create it. The look is so simple but still completely chic at the same time. A couple of weeks ago I snagged this precious pom-pom top from J. Crew Factory and am so in love. Paired with a great pair of skinnies and great accessories like tortoise sunnies, leopard flats, and a straw bag this look is perfect for a day on the town! 

Outfit Inspiration: Olivia Palermo

In the recent Instyle OP revealed that her favorite red polish is Essie's Lollipop, and seeing the shade on her has inspired me to go out and grab a bottle for myself! Are you as obsessed with OP's style as I am? What's your favorite outfit she's worn?

-Lanie W.


Currently Crushing

Y'all. I'm having one of those "oh my word if I don't get this soon I'm going to freak" moments. These cravings come on from time to time. I see something online (thanks Pinterest) and then start obsessing and can't get it out of my head. Right now I cannot stop thinking about crisp pajama sets. Yes, I know- weird obsession, but come on- look at these fab ladies:

So much better than a ratty t-shirt!

A couple years ago I bought a pink & white striped menswear inspired pj set from Victoria Secret, and I adore them. When I wear them around my apartment, or to sleep, I just feel so much more adult, put together, and just fabulous. I never feel that way when I just throw on an old tee and pair of comfy shorts. I love the feeling so much I am just dying for another pair!  Enter, J. Crew naturally.

I want the white short sleeved set so badly, but the rational side of my brain is having trouble justifying spending almost a hundred dollars on a pair of pajamas. Le sigh. One day these babies will be mine, and I have a feeling my frivolous side will end up winning this battle. ;) Do you wear pajama sets? If you have a pair from J. Crew let me know how you like them!

-Lanie W.


Maxi Dress Style

So the maxi trend is nothing new at this point. These long dresses (or skirts) have been around and thriving for a couple of seasons now. However, I have yet to join the maxi lovers. Being a petite girl (5'3) I've always thought that maxis would drown me, and I would be constantly tripping over the extra fabric pooling at my ankles.  Surprisingly, after a recent Target excursion I tried on two maxis that fit perfectly and hit at just the right length!

So cute, right? Merona is by far my favorite Target brand. Their pieces are so classic and fun! These dresses were both so comfortable and I could easily see wearing them with simple leather sandals for day, or wedges for night! I didn't get them, but I might just have to go back for the second dress. I just love the blue watercolor print and the greek key bottom! Do you love maxi dresses? How do you style them? Let me know!

-Lanie W.


How To Dress Stylishly For Traveling

Have you ever noticed how stinking fabulous some people look in airports while others look like they just rolled out of a sleeping bag? Traveling used to be an event in itself. People made a point to get dressed up for their flights, or train rides. I find this practice absolutely wonderful and wish people still made the same effort today! Like seriously, please look at Audrey-

Le sigh. So fabulous.
Of course people don't need to be quite this dressy nowadays, but there is still a way to dress for comfort while still looking like a real person! Take a look at some of the ladies below:

The key to the best travel look is layering mix of structured and flowy simple pieces. All of these ladies look lovely without a sweat-pant in sight! Travel can be grueling, but it's so easy to make the effort and  represent yourself in the most ladylike way possible! What is your go to travel outfit? Let me know!

-Lanie W.



Fun fact: Gopher tortoises are native to the town where I'm from! They used to inhabit the region so heavily that they inspired my town's annual fall festival called "Gopher Hill". One even lived on my family's property for a while, which was so cool. Because of this tortoise print has always been close to my heart. It's such a classic pattern that goes so well with just about everything. There is a reason tortoise sunnies have been so popular for years and years! Lately, I've been getting into tortoise jewelry too!


I would pair any of these pieces with a crisp white oxford and a great pair of jeans. The wonderful thing about tortoiseshell is that it's the perfect mix of dressy and casual. It could work just as easily for a day of brunch and shopping as it would for a drink on the town. Emily Driscoll rocks the tortoiseshell Design Darling necklace perfectly in the photo below. 

 Do you have any tortoiseshell jewelry? What do you pair it with? Let me know!

-Lanie W.