Birthday: Musings + Wishlist

In case you missed the end my last post- my 23rd birthday is this Friday! *salsa dancing emojis galore* I've always loved birthdays. Having an entire day to slow down, celebrate your life (while surrounded by the people who make your life worthwhile) and "treat yo-self" is kind of amazing.

This year my birthday is even more special because I'm sharing the day/weekend with Good Friday and Easter- I honestly can't think of a more amazing reminder of the reason I have a life to celebrate in the first place. I'm always humbled by God's timing and I don't think the up of these events is a coincidence whatsoever. On a day when the world encourages us to be self-centered, He's telling me to bring my focus to Him and the miracle of Jesus' resurrection. Pretty powerful stuff.

As someone who is overly nostalgic and sentimental, I definitely take every little celebration seriously. I love the idea of your birthday being a day to both meditate on who you are/what you've accomplished thus far and to look forward to a brand new year ahead. In my mind it's like having your very own personal New Years Eve. (Am I the only one who thinks of it this way?)

This birthday will definitely be different since a few key people in my life (namely my boyfriend and most of my best friends) can't be here (#postgradprobs), but I'm still determined to make it a great day! It's supposed to be sunny/warm in Charleston *praise hand emoji* so I'm definitely going to try to spend as much of the day outside as possible. Bring on the rooftop drinks, sweet treats, and fun with friends + family!

On a related note, I've pulled together a few fun wants/needs on my birthday wish-list! Take a look:


-Lanie W.


Bridge Run Fun

A lot of weekends go by without anything particularly remarkable happening, but this weekend was not one of them. On Saturday morning I completed my first official 10k (6.2 miles) - The Cooper River Bridge Run! It was easily one of the top five coolest experiences in my life. I'm super proud to say I finished it with a PR of 58 minutes and a 9:22 pace overall!!

A little background: I've wanted to do this race for years but honestly didn't think I would be able to actually accomplish it. You see, I have never been a runner. For most of my life it was my least favorite form of exercise and I was dedicated to avoiding it at all costs. However, last summer I didn't have access to a gym and running was one of my only options to keep active. Long story short, I fell in love with the huge sense of accomplishment and competition finishing a long run (without stopping) gave me.

So, Saturday morning bright and early I lined up with 40,000 of my closest friends to check off an item on my 2015 bucket list!

Heres a little photographic peek at the experience:

SO. MUCH. FUN! I had so much adrenaline and excitement running through me from the energy of the other runners around me, peppy bands playing along the route, and people cheering us on along the sidelines that I felt like I could have easily kept running. (I honestly loved it so much I kind of want to start training for a half marathon now? #whoops). Huge thanks to my parents for coming to Charleston to cheer me on - seeing them as I was running the final mile gave me a huge boost of energy/speed that definitely helped me accomplish my sub-hour finish time. It was the perfect way to spend my last Saturday as a 22 year old and kick off my birthday week!! Cheers to turning 23 on Fridayyyy! xo

-Lanie W.


Hit The Links | No. 8

I'm back with another edition of iPad internet tab round-up! I swear, Facebook is just a dangerous link-filled black hole these days. It's impossible to get on and not click on at least one link that someone/multiple people have shared. This constant wheel of creation, posting, and sharing simultaneously exhausts and interests me. Sometimes I find myself scrolling through feeds wondering what value I'm actually adding to my life by doing so.

I get to the point where I just want to throw all my electronics away, move into a shack on the beach, and live a pre-digital age life... then I see a funny Buzzfeed post and it pulls me back in (#thestruggle). So, since I'm not going to abandon the internet just yet, I've pulled together my favorite links of the past week below- enjoy!


1 // I've never lived with a significant other, but these 10 house rules from Cupcakes and Cashmere seem super logical and will be helpful to keep in mind for the future.

2 // It's no secret I <3 Lauren Conrad. Her post about 10 things every woman should know in her 20's is spot on. As someone who's managed to live a relatively normal life as a 20-something, post-reality tv fame, I think we can take her advice seriously.


3 // This list on how to get a head start on the trends for next season from Man Repeller is so clutch. I love reading about what's going to be popular in the coming months and how to incorporate those items sooner rather than later.

4 // As someone who totally has a "uniform", this post on how to build a capsule wardrobe from The Everygirl is like getting a cheat-sheet for a really hard exam (aka putting together daily outfits). 


5 // Did anyone else forget about Cadet Kelly/Lizzie McGuire Hilary Duff? She was my girl in the 00's, and I'm stoked she's making a comeback! Her funny/revealing Cosmo interview made my girl crush come back in full force!

6 // This video of a sassy 4 year old and her mom dancing on Ellen  is so stinking cute/fierce. I can only hope my daughter will dance to choreographed Beyonce numbers with me one day. #fresherthanyouuuu


7 // I found this article about 6 nutrition tips that are worth breaking from Nutrition Unplugged really interesting. As someone who really tries to eat clean, it was eye opening to see this nutritionists point of view on what "bad" foods or ways of eating are actually not so bad in moderation.


8 // As a someone who works in social media I'm always looking for ways to do my job better. This post on 10 simple tricks to improve your Instagram (via Bustle) is a great read if you're looking to refine your Insta aesthetic.

That's all I have for today! Happy Thursday! xx

-Lanie W.


Kate Spade Spring 2015

Happy first Monday of spring! I felt like this season would never arrive. It's strange and wonderful to be able to leave my apartment without a jacket (even though it still makes me feel like I'm forgetting something). To celebrate the warmth and sunshine I thought I'd share my favorite ad campaign of the spring season - Kate Spade!

As someone who works in the retail/marketing world I can definitely appreciate all the work and details that went into this adorable campaign. They took a seemingly simple scene - an unassuming park bench - and made it come alive with their cheeky clothing and buzz-worthy models.

Serious snaps for whoever suggested the Karlie Kloss + Iris Apfel combination- it really allows KS to appeal to a wide age range of customers (which is always the goal of retail). The blend of ages makes them appear all inclusive, as if to say "Kate Spade is adorable on everyone no matter their age!". Brill-i-ant.

While the ads are definitely lovely, the spring line itself is just too cute. Such a great balance of ladylike silhouettes, bold colors/patterns, and touches of popular trends (a la the matching set and sporty chic looks). Here's my favorite styles from the Spring 2015 lookbook:

I'll take one of each please! :) What lines/ads are you loving for spring?

-Lanie W.


Lob Lust

Last week my friend Emily casually asked my opinion on her next haircut (as best friends do) and before I knew it I found myself knee deep in a haircut focused Pinterest binge. After some research I quickly became re-obsessed with the lob (long bob).  I first posted about this hair cut in 2013 when it had recently become the "it" style, and two years later it's definitely still going strong. I think we're all so into this hairstyle because it's easy and laid-back while still maintaining a chic, relevant vibe. All good things, all good things (yes, that was an Olaf quote from Frozen).

So many celebs have adopted this cut lately- my favorite of which is definitely Lo Bosworth. Have you seen her youtube channel? She's just so adorable. I love her fun personality and her new, NYC influenced/edgy personal style.

 I've rounded up some helpful posts about lob styling, so if you've got the haircut bug as bad as I do take a look:

Cupcakes & Cashmere: 3 hairstyle hacks for short hair

Beauty Department: how to style a lob

Beauty Department: how to achieve the perfect lob

Beauty Department: short hair styling tips

Okay, off to book a hair appointment! Happy Thursday! xoxo

-Lanie W.


Hit The Links | No. 6

What a wonderful weekend (ignore the fact that it's Tuesday..). What's better than a few days of relaxing and doing exactly what you please with people you love? Not much! Being in a (now) long distance relationship really makes you savor the time you have with your significant other. Suffice it to say, weekends are extra sweet nowadays and I don''t take a moment of them for granted.

Some highlights of this past weekend included: a Thursday concert with the bf and new friends, a couples day trip to Columbia to spend the day with my best friend and her fella, and a sunny/warm Sunday in Charleston complete with a delicious lunch and finally learning how to (somewhat correctly) swing a golf club - thanks Brandon! :)

I've rounded up some links (that I intended to post last Friday - whoops) for your reading pleasure. From life happiness hacks, to a gorgeous/moving dance video, to a list of yummy Charleston restaurants there's a lot to see- enjoy!


1 // Ten fun spring style tips via one of my favorite humans- Miss Lauren Conrad (Tell?). I'm always up for some fresh style inspiration and these are top-notch.

2 // So sad about this one- the last issue of Matchbook Mag. This was the one digital mag I read regularly and I'm going to miss this wonderful source of monthly inspiration so much!


3 // A helpful list of beauty products for working girls via R29. I'm slowly becoming a beauty product junkie and this list is just feeding the addiction. All the eye creams and cleansers please!


4 // The food scene in Charleston is cray y'all. This list of places to grab a quick bite has my mouth watering. It's so tempting to eat out with all these great options at my finger tips! See ya later money...


5 // If you work in social media like me this Huff Post article on the best time to insta was interesting!


6 // This awesome article on the correlation between habits and happiness is a must-read! I'm definitley a creature of habit and it was interesting to read how those can actually be a good thing.


7 // Snaps to whoever thought of this fictional version of the popular Humans of New York blog - it's hilarious. I only wish there were more!


8 // Dancing is easily my favorite thing in life, so watching  this gorgeous duo set to Stay With Me took my breath away. I miss learning coreographed pieces so, so much. Guess I'll settle for getting a little too dancer-y at my weekly Zumba class. ;)

Have a happy St. Patricks day everyone! xo

-Lanie W.


What's In My Shopping Cart: ASOS

I'll be honest, I hit an online shopping slump over the past few months. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing (for my bank account anyway), but I just fell out of the loop of what's trending in the fashion world. However, spring is (almost) upon us which means it's time for all things new and bright and shiny and happy.

Sidebar: Sometimes I say autumn is my favorite time of year, but spring is where my heart truly lies. It's the time of year I was born and therefore has always been really special to me. Not to mention the fact that I've been physically craving sunshine and warmth in the realest way. I'm giddy at the thought of everything that comes with spring in Charleston. Okay, back to the main topic!

Online shopping and I have a love/hate relationship - I love discovering new, pretty clothes that give me that feeling (you know what I mean- the "how have you been missing from my closet for this long" feeling), but I also know that I have to be financially responsible (ugh, adulthood). Therefore, I routinely fill up my online shopping carts, and then make myself close out the window. It's torture to find all these things I want and not get them, but it's also fun to craft the perfect online shopping cart edit, if you will. (am I the only one who does this? probably.)

First up in this new series is ASOS! I kind of forgot about this online retailer, but after stumbling upon it a few weeks ago I've become (re)obsessed.I love that they organize their merch by trend/style- it makes looking through everything so easy. Best of all have reasonable prices, free shipping, and clothing that totally fits my (ever evolving) style. Take a look:


What I'm currently digging: chunky 70's sandals, flowy rompers, busted knee skinnies, lace detailing, old-school sneaks, and off the shoulder/oversized everything. What's in your online shopping cart lately? xoxo

-Lanie W.


Mid-Week Inspiration

This post could also be titled "random things I've been saving in the tabs on iPad" or "iPad browser spring cleaning". I'm a digital hoarder of sorts and can rarely bring myself to delete pictures, texts, etc. I've fallen into the habit of opening articles/posts on my iPad browser and never closing them, resulting in an enormous amount of open tabs that my type-A self can't handle. Yesterday during my bi-monthly clean out I had the brilliant idea to preserve these little links by sharing them right here with y'all! I get an organized iPad, and y'all get to see the things that I've been reading. That's what they call a win-win my friends.

There's lots of bad, useless, click-baity things on the internet, but there are also things that make me laugh, inspire me, teach me, etc. This little round-up is comprised of a variety of awesome articles that I've been loving broken down by subject (I told y'all I was type-A). These are all worth your read and links that I would share with my friends, so I hope you enjoy!


1 // A new-to-me style blog- Brighton The Day. I love when I find a blogger who doesn't overstyle with a million accessories, crazy patterns, etc. Brighton's positive, faith-driven attitude and classic/chic style have made her my new favorite source of fashion inspiration!


2 // Clearly, I've been in a bit of a blog-struggle lately. This helpful post from Adorn Media Group was just the boost I needed to re-commit myself to regular posting. If you're in a slump these tips are great!


3 //  Levo League is the best source for post-grad life hacks. I loved reading these 9 things successful people do before bed - always looking for ways to improve my day! 

4 // This isn't specifically about work, but Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling rounded up 25 tips on organizing your office that I'm really digging. Definitely going to utilize these at work!


5 // As I stated in my last post, I met May from Nutrition Happens over the weekend and we've become fast friends. Her blog (and Insta!) are my new favorite source of food/health inspiration - you should definitely follow along!

6 // Gotta love Elite Daily for their constantly viral posts. This list of 44 small changes that can positively impact your health are so great. Healthiness doesn't have to be hard, you have the power to make these small changes that will truly make yourself look and feel so much better!


7 // Have you ever felt exhausted by the expectations both you and others place on yourself every day? This article explores the darker side of America's "achievement culture" that is deeply engrained in the millennial generation. Another great read for 20-somethings.

8 // If you've never read Micaela English's posts on T&C.com you're missing out. This post about things she learned in her 20's is so on point.  If you're a 20-something it's definitely worth a read!

-Lanie W.



Happy March!! I'll be honest, I'm not sad to see the last full month of winter go. I'm 1000% ready for spring and can hardly think of anything else but warm weather, more hours of daylight, and all the fun activities that come with spring in Charleston!

Although the weather wasn't great (aka cold and rainy), this weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Over the past month or so I've either had company in town or been traveling on the weekends, so a few slower paced days were much needed. Weekends where I manage to walk the line between being active + social and relaxing + decompressing are always my favorite.

Highlights from the weekend include: scoring some great deals during a few hours of leisurely shopping on King Street + Whole Foods after work on Friday, a fun Saturday lunch date with the wonderful May from Nutrition Happens (aka my new fave person), going out with friends both old and new on Saturday evening, visiting an awesome new-to-me church followed by brunch at the always amazing Park Cafe with my friend Lauren, my mama, and Emily and her mama.

So many good things rolled into a few short days. I'm feeling fresh, inspired, and more like myself than I have in a long while. I'm a very happy girl to be so (hashtag) blessed. :)

I'll leave you with this amazing article I found the other day. It really, really spoke to me and basically articulated so many things I've been thinking for a long time. Definitely worth taking a look at if you feel uninspired or generally stuck in a rut!

-Lanie W.