Lob Lust

Last week my friend Emily casually asked my opinion on her next haircut (as best friends do) and before I knew it I found myself knee deep in a haircut focused Pinterest binge. After some research I quickly became re-obsessed with the lob (long bob).  I first posted about this hair cut in 2013 when it had recently become the "it" style, and two years later it's definitely still going strong. I think we're all so into this hairstyle because it's easy and laid-back while still maintaining a chic, relevant vibe. All good things, all good things (yes, that was an Olaf quote from Frozen).

So many celebs have adopted this cut lately- my favorite of which is definitely Lo Bosworth. Have you seen her youtube channel? She's just so adorable. I love her fun personality and her new, NYC influenced/edgy personal style.

 I've rounded up some helpful posts about lob styling, so if you've got the haircut bug as bad as I do take a look:

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Okay, off to book a hair appointment! Happy Thursday! xoxo

-Lanie W.

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  1. Ugh legit I'm obsessed with Lo! Obviously you and I will get matching haircuts. Obviously.


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