What To Wear To Carolina Cup

This weekend I accomplished something I've wanted to do for years- I went to my first Carolina Cup! I debated back and forth about going for a while and accidentally missed the first ticket deadline. Thankfully my Little Susie texted me early last week saying she had two extra tickets, I knew it was meant to be and immediately said yes! We headed down to Camden bright and early (as in 6:30am woof) Saturday morning decked out in our Cup finest!

For those who don't know- Carolina Cup is an annual horse race held in South Carolina where everyone wears their brightest spring outfits, and ladies sport pretty sun hats. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but I had a fabulous time! I've never seen so much Lilly in one place before. Ever.

My God-Mother had a beautiful spot right beside the track with all the tasty food and drinks you could imagine. However the craziest part of the day was adventuring over to college park where thousands of college kids were getting absolutely wild. I've never seen such a thing in my life y'all- pure chaos! It was super entertaining to watch and we had fun hopping around the area visiting our various groups of friends.

Here's a look at our day!

If you live in the south and have ever debated going to Carolina Cup I would definitely recommend it- we had so so much fun! I'm so happy we went and will definitely go again in the future. Hope y'all have a great Monday! xoxo

-Lanie W.


Transition Time

Well, the calendar says spring but the weather is still insisting on acting like winter. Boo! This time of the year is so confusing wardrobe wise, all I want to wear is bright colors and shorts/dress, but it's still so chilly!

I just wrote an article for Modern Magnolias that I think is helpful for balancing a springy vibe with warmer clothing through this spring's monotone outfit trend! Go check it out here!

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend! I'm going to my first Carolina Cup tomorrow and I'm so so excited! It's supposed to rain so I'm hoping the weather cooperates! See y'all Monday! xoxo

-Lanie W.


Birthday Wishlist

So, it kinda just hit me that my birthday is just one week from tomorrow! It's super cliche to say this but I can't believe I'm turning twenty two. My twenty first birthday seemed to take forever to arrive, but this one definitely snuck up on me! This isn't as exciting of a birthday as last year, but it's still significant since it pushes me even further into adulthood (gulp).

I've always loved that my birthday is in the spring because it means I can put fun springy things on my wish list! There are a few "big" items that I'm lusting over like an iPad Mini, a "grown-up" handbag, and a nice camera. I couldn't pick which ones to include so I just added them all! This year's list is a bit more extensive because I've combined it with my graduation wish list as well. Take a look-

Birthday / Graduation Wish List

What's on your spring wish list? Which of the above items would you recommend the most? Can't wait to hear! xoxo

-Lanie W. 


Hello Again

Hello sweet readers, I've returned! Hope ya didn't miss me too much! ;) Getting back to reality after a full week of relaxation and fun isn't very easy, but I'm motivated knowing I only have FIVE weeks left of classes this semester, and my birthday is next week! Holy moly where does the time go?!

Spring break was so much fun and came at the perfect time (I really can't believe this was my last one!) I had a blast soaking up the sun with my sweet friends and boyfriend and will be reliving it through our pictures for weeks to come. We road-tripped from Clemson to the gulf of Florida and it was a perfect mix of adventure and down time.

[Sidenote: when we stopped through Auburn I discovered the cutest boutique called Behind the Glass,  y'all would seriously die over this store! While we were there I picked up the aviators I'm wearing in some of the pictures below. It was pretty much the most adorable place I'd ever shopped!]

Here's a look at our week! 

Sigh, take me back to the ocean asap! Cheers to having a fabulous rest of the semester, we can do this! xoxo

-Lanie W.


Hit The Links | No. 4

Friday. Friday. Friday. This week has been a complete blur and I'm so happy to finally be on spring break! I can't believe how fast this semester is flying by- time seriously needs to slow down! Here's a few of my favorite posts I found in between paper writing, working, and internship responsibilities- hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

1. Love this article on how to appropriately wear the crop top trend from Miss LC! I've subscribed to so many email lists over the years, but the only one I consistently open and enjoy is from her!
2. I stumbled upon this great article about The South written by a local magazine - I'm so thankful I get to call this part of the world home!

3. Somehow I just discovered Whitney Port's Instagram account; I can't believe I haven't followed her before now!  I've loved her since The Hills and she's definitely one of my biggest girl crushes/style inspirations!

Since I'm heading to the beach tomorrow I'll be taking a week off from the blog in order to soak up as much fun and relaxation as possible! Be sure to follow along with my Instagram and Twitter to keep up with my spring break adventures! Cheers!

-Lanie W.


Mirrored Aviators

Springtime shopping is always the best, especially because my birthday is in the beginning of April. I've always loved putting together my wish-list, and this year is no exception. Lately I've been seeing a trend across Pinterest and the blog-world that I've surprisingly fallen head over heels for: mirrored aviators! I usually try to stay away from super trendy items, but I just love love love the look of these sunnies so much! I tried a pair on this past weekend and didn't want to leave the store without them! Take a look at how fabulously they go with seemingly any style-
So great, right? My only worry is that they'll only be popular for a season and by next year they'll be obsolete (isn't this always the problem with trends? sigh!) What do y'all think? I'm definitely in need of new sunnies, but should I risk choosing a trendy item, or play it safe and go with the classic dark lens? Your help/opinions are greatly appreciated! xoxo

-Lanie W. 



Monday has come again, but I feel much more prepared to face the challenges of the week after such a nice weekend! Being home is such a treat and spending time there made me realize I need to do it more often! I mean, how can you beat waking up to a face like this?
...or having your morning coffee with a stud like this? 
Saturday the weather was sunny and warm so I soaked up every once of it that I could! I even got to wear shorts for the first time this year! It was such a treat, although my legs are so white they're practically see through. ha!

My mom and I decided to have a girls day and it. was. wonderful. We started out with mani/pedis, which I desperately needed. I went bold and chose OPI Cajun Shrimp; it's such a fun color and will be perfect for spring!  After the nail salon we had lunch and went shopping- there were some awesome deals happening!

We live near a Tanger Outlet so of course we had to visit the J. Crew Factory Store first. I was so excited to score this perfect spring tee and an adorable phone case, both for 50% off!

 Oh, and I finally tried on the infamous scallop dress. Let me tell you, it was so so amazing! I'm sad I didn't go home with it, but I was just happy to be able to try it on in person! 
We also went to the Gap and Old Navy Factory stores where I found some perfect items to add into my spring wardrobe that I'm so excited about! I can't find pictures of what I bought online, but I'm sure you'll see them in future posts! They were having an amazing sale; I got two tops, a button down, and a dress for less than $50!

Other than shopping it was nice to spend time with my family (and pets!) in the fabulous early spring weather! Hope you all had nice weekends as well! Let's show this week whose boss! xoxo

-Lanie W.


A Breather

Whew, this week. I honestly can't believe I made it through! Papers, on top of assignments, on top of homework, on top of meetings, on top of work- it was crazy! Honestly I am so burnt out today that my creative juices for a post are just non-existant. I need to shut down my brain for a little bit and just veg out- so that's exactly what I'm going to do!

I'm heading home today for the first time since January and I am so excited for a weekend with my family and having a little time to decompress! Our spring break begins one week from today so my brain is currently thinking about all things sunny and warm-
In the meantime, I'll be pinning until I can't pin any more, so head over to my Pinterest and follow along with the action! Happy weekending!

-Lanie W.


How To Wear: Leather Band Watch

If you've been reading SPC for a while you probably know that I have an oversized gold Michael Kors watch that I literally wear every day. It was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend two years ago and since then it has barely left my wrist- It's easily one of my favorite things I've ever been give. In order to keep it looking new and pretty for as long as possible I've been looking at adding another watch into the rotation to switch things up!

I absolutely love the look of a leather-band watch, it has such a different vibe than a metallic band and I can't stop scouring the internet for photos of these pretties in action! Here's some Pinspiration to give you an idea-

After tons of some research around the web I've narrowed it down to my top three favorites! Each one is a different price point and would lend a distinct feeling to your overall look! 
Leather Band Watches

They're all gorgeous and have their own vibe, but I think the Kate Spade one needs to be mine asap! I just love the neutral band paired with the white face- so clean and chic! Good thing my birthday is in less than a month! ;) Have a great Wednesday y'all!

-Lanie W.


Style Crush: Lupita Nyongo

I'm sure y'all (like everyone else in the country) watched the 86th Academy Awards last night. Hello, Ellen literally crashed Twitter with that #ultimateselfie! It was such a great show all around. I love award season, and look forward to seeing the fashion every year. Usually I have a handful of favorite looks once the night is over, but this year there was one star that stood out heads and shoulders above the rest- Ms. Lupita Nyong'o!

Does she not just look like an absolute princess? I can't think of anyone that was more stunning, poised, or intelligent! If you couldn't tell from her acceptance speech, girlfriend is brilliant (hello, she went to Yale!) and just such an inspiring woman altogether! I officially have the biggest girl crush on her and cannot wait to follow the rest of what promises to be an incredible career! On another note- the color of that gown is just breathtaking and makes me so excited for the creamy pastel trend that is huge this spring, but I'll save that for another post at another time!

I had my last sorority formal this past Friday and it was so much fun! My dress was Calvin Klein and I loved how simple yet elegant it was. The navy color and pearl detail on the shoulder was perfect for me! Here's a few pictures from the night-

Hope y'all enjoyed watching last night's show as much as I did! Have a wonderful Monday! xoxo

-Lanie W.