Hair Crush: The Lob

I've never really done a hair or make-up post on here before, but I'm feeling super inspired about a particular haircut and I want y'alls opinions! My hair is currently crazy long, way past "mermaid" length. Here's a recent picture to give you an idea:

 I am so tired of it and ready for a completely new 'do'! Enter the "lob"aka the "long bob". With celebs from Jennifer Lawrence to Guiliana Rancic rocking this adorable cut I can't help myself but become obsessed. Check out this sassy style:

*all images via Pinterest*

Eep! I lovee it! I think it will be perfect for summer, and by the time school starts again in August it will have grown a couple of inches, so there is really nothing stopping me from biting the bullet! Do you think I'll be able to pull it off? What do you think about the long-bob trend? Let me know!

-Lanie W. 

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  1. Love love love your cut!! It couldn't be any cuter and classier! You look wonderful :)



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