A Great Good Friday

So it's a pretty big day around here.... I'm turning the big 2-3!!! Jk, 23 isn't technically a big birthday but I can still pretend ;). The day has barely gotten started and I've already felt so much love it's unreal. So many calls, texts, tweets, Instagrams, Facebook messages, flowers from my sweet boyfriend, cupcakes from my work fam- like, can it be my birthday every day? #wishfulthinking :D

I was planning on writing out 23 things I'm grateful for, but time got away from me so I'll just say this: I'm incredibly humbled by this beautiful life the Lord has given me. I've lived 23 wonderful, healthy, full years on His earth and I'll never be able to thank God enough for everything he's provided me both earthly and spiritually. With today being Good Friday I'm especially mindful of/thankful for the unthinkable sacrifice that was made for my benefit. God is so good y'all!

With that said I'm off to enjoy the day! Thank you to EVERYONE who has wished me happy birthday so far- you've made this girl feel incredibly special and I can't express that enough. Cheers to the next 23 years! xoxoxo

-Lanie W.

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