Christmas Wish-List || Bedroom Update

Happy Black Friday, y'all! It's the first official day of the Christmas season and I'm sure a ton of you will be spending today making a dent in that Christmas-giving list you've been compiling all year. Instead of sharing another "gift guide for X person" post that have been everywhere for the past few weeks I've decided to share a series about what's on my personal Christmas wish list. I'll post a new installment every Friday leading up until Christmas Day!

I usually struggle to come up with a list, but this year there are so many things I need in this post-grad time of life. Of course there are plenty of fun wants as well, and I'll be sharing those too!I know that I personally love being nosy and getting a peek at others' lists. It makes me feel like I know the person a little bit better and I hope that is exactly what I accomplish during this series! So without further ado here we go!

This first installment of my Christmas Wish-List series is all about the bedroom. I feel like I've always had a mix-matched, thrown together room. Whether it was furniture I've had since I was three, a comforter I bought as a tween, or inexpensive shelving from my college days, my room has never been exactly cohesive or aesthetically pleasing.

Now that I'm a post-grad/young adult (or whatever you call a working 22 year old), I'm determined to make my room a total reflection of me. The design idea I've curated for my room is centered around timeless bedding, plush accessories, neutral colors, gold accents, and sleek furnishings. Take a look-

Christmas List | Bedroom Update

What do you think? I'm incredibly excited to see this all come together and will be sure to keep y'all posted! Have a happy holiday weekend full of movie-watching, leftovers-muching, and blessings-counting!

-Lanie W.

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