Mixing It Up: Plaid Edition

As I've gotten older I've come around to so many things that I vehemently hated in my younger days. For example, I really disliked chocolate (I know, I know) for most of my life, then when I studied abroad in Belgium I finally tried it again and to my surprise, I loved it! This same cycle has happened to me with fashion more and more frequently. Items/trends I once thought were ugly or just not me are suddenly all I want to wear. I kind of love this whole phenomenon though, it's exciting to see the capacity that we have to grow and change over the years.

This is all a super long way of telling you that I bought this scarf and am now obsessed with all things buffalo plaid. Seriously, what took me so long?! Sure, it's reminiscent of the Brawny Paper Towel Man, but it's also ruggedly chic, laid back, and perfectly all-American. I can't get enough.

Mad for Buffalo Plaid

I'm officially declaring buffalo paid (or "check" - whichever you prefer) the pattern of the 2014 holiday season! It just has a vibe that screams festive and makes me want to bundle up and take a walking tour of holiday decorations while Christmas caroling and drinking hot-chocoalte. Take a look at how some fabulous ladies have styled this fun pattern!

Buffalo Plaid

If you need me, I'll be cozying up in my buffalo plaid scarf and listening to holiday tunes until further notice. ;) I hope that each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! Cheers! xoxoxo

-Lanie W.

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  1. SO CUTE. I'm the exact same way - I used to hate buffalo plaid because I didn't like how big the pattern was. Seeing it styled like it is in those photos reminds me how versatile it is! :)



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