Current Gratitude | 11.3.14

It. Is. November... 2014 ill be over in less than two months... Just let that sink in y'all.

I've always loved this time of the year, but to be honest I'm a little confused about how to go about the holidays in a world where I'm not a student with a designated three week break in which to enjoy it. I'm so new to this concept of being an "adult" in the "real world" that I found myself weirdly bummed and stressed rather than excited when I thought about the upcoming holiday season (which is really unlike me #christmasobsessed).

Personally, I've found that it's totally overwhelming to think about change in a large-scale way. When I let myself look at the big picture I usually fall into some major anxiety and general stress about life. I've found that if I ease into things and accept the small changes as they come it's easier for my structure/routine/tradition loving self to process.

I know I'm not alone when I say that each day of this post-grad life brings something hard different to deal with, and if you have any tips on how you cope/have coped with all this change I'd love to hear them! Okay, rant over. Back to the matter at hand- gratitude.

What I'm grateful for this week:
the autumn jazz station on pandora 
snuggling in front of the fire on a quick visit home
getting to hang out and catch up with my little brother 
being able to watch old movies whenever I wish #thanksnetflix 
parents who support me, encourage me, inspire me, and never let me settle
finally getting to wear my Barbour and riding boots #typicalwhitegirl

What are you grateful for this week? How do you deal when faced with lots of change at once? xx

-Lanie W.

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  1. Love this post! I'm beyond thankful for (like you said) a warm fireplace, flannel button downs, fuzzy socks, and changing leaves!


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