Trendy x Timeless | No. 4

Hola babes - first things first: Happy DECEMBERRRR! (was that too much? I blame the coffee hehe). It's officially the jolliest month of the year, can you even believe it? Now that I'm no longer in school I feel like I'm experiencing the holidays in an entirely new way. It's crazy (and a bit sad) that I won't have a large chunk of time totally dedicated to relaxing and soaking in the Christmas season this year, but my excitement about my new job/apartment/life in general is making that a bit easier to handle. :) #onedayatatime

Todays trendy x timeless is all about metallic tweed. I've seen this all over the place lately (namely: J. Crew's website) and have totally fallen in love! When I generally think about tweed visions of classic British attire pop in my head, but I'm really digging this chic revamp. This would be such a fun trend to try for the holiday season that would definitely set you apart from the sea of people in black/red dresses!

timeless: the classically textured fabric that's been around for hundreds of years || trendy: the metallic/colorful twist and unexpected silhouettes 

Metallic Tweed

What are you opinions on metallic tweed? A fun update, or should they leave well enough alone?

-Lanie W.

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