Red Alert

Hello there! Sincerest apologies for my absence on Friday; some pretty major (in a good way!) life stuff happened last week and my mind has been all over the place trying to get a grip on everything! More specific details to come very soon, but in the meantime I'd appreciate all the good vibes you can send my way. :)

I don't know if you've noticed, but Christmas has officially started to take over. Every other ad on television is holiday-themed, sparkly decorations are starting to overshadow pumpkins and leaves on Instagram, and bloggers have already begun their "gift-guide" posts (which seem to be an unspoken blog requirement these days).

I've always been torn on when exactly to begin the holiday season. I definitely adore Christmas and everything that comes with it- the music, the decorations, the celebration- it all makes me so happy. However, I also hate that poor Thanksgiving gets overlooked more and more each year. Because of this I've been brainstorming ways to ease into the holiday season without jumping the gun and going full on Rudolph in early November. I don't want to risk getting burnt out too early!

My brilliant solution? Embracing the color red! I've never really been into primary colors, and red is probably the least prevalent hue in my wardrobe. However, this festive time of the year has inspired me to change my tune. I've pulled together some great options to help you incorporate this cheery color into your wardrobe from head to toe-

Seeing RED

How do you feel about the early start to the festive season? I'll be honest, I'm going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party tonight and can't wait to throw on some red and soak in the (pre-mature) holiday cheer! ;) xoxo

-Lanie W.

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