Varsity Blues

The varsity look is definitely one of those tried and true classic styles that seem to resurface every few years. This time around designers have really focused on the double arm stripe reminiscent of old-school football jerseys. The layered stripes provide a simultaneously sporty, yet preppy vibe that makes even a simple t-shirt or cotton dress feel elevated.

In this in-between time of the year it's hard to find a style that can work for the boiling weather while also providing a distinctly fall aesthetic. By incorporating one of these pieces you can give your wardrobe a refresh while also staying comfy in the crazy temperatures! Here's my favorite varsity inspired items from around the web-
Varsity Stripe

I'm straight up obsessed with that navy/red J. Crew sweater! Oh, and that adorable varsity jacket? I found it in the boys section of Gap. Less expensive and the perfect mix of navy, white and tan? Win. #yourewelcome ;) Happy shopping!

-Lanie W. 

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