My First Kate Spade

You know those rare occasions when you're shopping and all of a sudden the stars align and you find exactly what you were looking for, but better? This is exactly what happened to me while searching for a graduation dress a couple week ago. I originally planned on wearing an adorable Lilly shift that my mom found back in the spring, but when I finally tried the dress on it sadly didn't fit. The dress search got put on hold when summer and everything got crazy and before I knew it graduation was a week away and I still didn't have a dress.

My mom and I went on a very last-minute mission on the last day of tax free weekend hoping we'd find something. After looking in a few stores we walked into Kate Spade where my mom spotted a gorgeous orange and white dress in the sale section. I crossed my fingers and flicked through the rack and was so excited when I found one in my (typically hard to find) size.

I immediately went to the dressing room, slipped it on, and squealed with happiness when it fit perfectly! The sales attendant then brought me a gold bow belt which pulled the whole look together and added a fun touch to a classic dress. When I realized that it had pockets I just knew it was meant to be!

Graduation Dress

I seriously felt like a princess all day and did not want to take the dress off! From the neck line, to the full skirt and pockets I'm still obsessing over how lovely (and comfy) it is. I'm so happy Ms. Spade was able to help a girl out. Now I'm just searching for any excuse to wear it again. ;) 

-Lanie W.

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