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Oh J. Crew, you always manage to make me fall in love with things I didn't even know I wanted. The latest fashion need they've inspired? High waisted skinnies. As a petite girl I've always shied away from high waisted things because I felt like they overwhelmed my shorter frame. However, when I spotted the Lookout high-rise Cone Denim jeans in the September Style Guide I fell in love hard.

Leave it to the 'Crew to change my mind on this cut of denim in a major way. I've never wanted a pair of jeans quite as much as I want these babies. I mean, come on. Just look at them -

*insert heart eyed emoji* So dang chic. The higher waist makes such a subtle, but lovely impact on the traditional jean silhouette that I can't get enough of. Paired with a striped top and gorgeous loafers it's the perfect blend of classic simplicity with modern twists. I could 100% see myself wearing these every day in the fall and well into the winter (although living in Florida is likely going to make my cool-weather clothing irrelevant, but I digress).

J. Crew High Waisted Denim

My graduation money is currently burning a hole in my pocket and I really want to pull a #treatyoself and buy these pretties before I change my mind. Do y'all think I should take the plunge? Let me know! Happy weekend!

-Lanie W.

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