Shirt-tail Style

So my obsession with J. Crew is no secret at this point. Pretty much anything they release is right up my alley. Their fall line has definitely been on point lately, so I've been keeping an even closer eye on their site than usual. While scrolling through the new arrivals I came across an adorable sweater and was suddenly reminded of a certain 90's Nickelodeon character...

Hey Arnold Insp

I mean, right?! Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees the resemblance. Sidenote: as a kid it took me so long to realize that he was actually wearing a layered shirt/sweater rather than a dress! While the sweater may be reminiscent of the lovably dorky Arnold's attire, it's still decidedly cute and a perfect option for late summer/early fall. The layered style gives the illusion of a super put-together outfit, but since it's only one piece it actually requires minimal effort to style. Here's how I would wear it-

Shirttail Style
How do y'all feel about shirttail style tops this fall? Are you going to embrace the "Hey Arnold" look, or pass on this vaguely 90's trend? Have a lovely weekend! xx

-Lanie W.

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