Off the Grid

Ah Monday, we meet again. This weekend was filled with fun outings and I'm sad to see it go. Friday was spent in Charleston hanging with my Godsister Charlotte while she modeled in a Rich Girl Rags photo-shoot (more on that later!) and exploring new areas downtown. Saturday evening I got to see my bestie, Emily, who was in town for the weekend. Her cousin's band (Stray Local) was playing at a local restaurant and it was so fun to catch up while enjoying a drink and good music.

On Sunday my Mom and I braved the (ridiculous) crowds for some tax-free weekend shopping. I snagged some really cute things, but the most exciting purchase was finding my graduation dress at Kate Spade! It's my first piece of KS clothing and it's safe to say I'm in looove - can't wait to share pics with y'all soon!

One of the more practical things I scored was a black skirt at J. Crew Factory, and it made me realize just how little black clothing I own. I hopped on Pinterest to look for ways I could incorporate more of this staple hue into my wardrobe and stumbled upon this cheeky black and white grid pattern trend! It's definitely outside of my comfort zone, but I'm really digging this simultaneously retro yet fresh take on a classic color pairing.

Off the Grid

I how love this pattern seems so simple but really pops when styled the right way. It looks great alone as the focal piece of an outfit or mixed with other patterns. Of course after a little digging I found photos featuring two of my favorite style icons, Blair Eadie and Olivia Palermo, rocking this bold look. These ladies can do no wrong I swear.

Off the Grid 2

What do you think? How do y'all incorporate black into your wardrobe? If you have any tips for a #navyornothing kind of girl I'd love to hear em :) Hope your week starts out on a happy note! xo 

-Lanie W.

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