Pre-Fall Favorites

Happy August everyone! We've officially entered the last full month of summer - a month that's going to hold an unparalleled amount of major life changes for this girl. For starters, I graduate from the best college ever exactly one week from today (I'll spare you the nostalgic freak out for now, but just know that it's coming). That in itself would be crazy enough, but a week later we move my younger brother up to Clemson to begin his Freshman year and I move to Orlando to begin my five month internship at Disney. Phew. Basically, I need all the prayers and good vibes possible for me to make it through the month in one piece!

With the end of summer looming retailers are decidedly focused on fall clothing. It always frustrates me that they release these pretty cool-weather items that I won't be able to wear until October at the earliest, but I digress.

Of course my tried and true favorite, J. Crew, is already killing it and making me want to spend all the money I don't have on their new arrivals. From Factory to the regular store I'm crushing hard on the mix of sporty/feminine styles and colors they're currently focused on. Mossy greens, dusty greys, and misty blues mixed with neutral accessories and dainty gold jewelry make old standards feel fresh. Here's a look at my favorites thus far-

|| Factory || 

Factory Favorites August 2014

|| J. Crew ||

J. Crew Favorites August 2014
Those owl loafers and high-waisted jeans are calling my name (along with everything else #letsbehonest). What pieces are you in love with? Tax free weekend in SC begins today so I just might have to snag a few of these while the prices are reasonable. Happy shopping! xo

-Lanie W.


  1. Can't believe retailers are already pushing fall! Also, SO COOL that you landed an internship at Disney. I can't wait to hear more about your adventures there. J Crew is my weakness, so I love this post + your picks.


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