How To Wear: Tassel Necklace

I'm the first to admit I don't get as creative with my jewelry as I should. I pretty much stick to my every day pieces (gold watch, monogram necklace, pearl studs, Clemson ring) unless I'm going out at night.

I feel like J. Crew has been a huge trendsetter in the jewelry game for a few years now- I'm sure everyone remembers the bubble necklace obsession that took over the blog world from a few years ago. (Sidenote: Thank goodness that's over!) This past spring they introduced the tassel necklace and I've been seeing it more and more around the blogosphere. I love how luxe it can make even the most simple outfit look. Here's a little Pinspiration on how to style it from some fab ladies!

Yesterday Ms. Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling introduced some new arrivals to her boutique. When I saw this beauty I immediately fell in love. If I had my way I would pair it with a plain tee, great jeans, and a fabulous pair of heels! For now, this poor college student will keep on dreamin' 

What's your favorite jewelry to spice things up? Can't wait to hear! Happy Humpday! xoxo

-Lanie W.


  1. I love tassel necklaces but everytime that I've tried one on in a store I feel like they make me look silly haha! :-) But they look SO cute on many fashion bloggers. My favorite types of necklaces are blingy and colorful statement necklace- perfect way to jazz up a plain t-shirt and cardigan!

    xoxo A

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