Hit The Links | No. 3

Whew, what a bizarre week its been! Winter storm Leon hit the southeast and blanketed Clemson with some beautiful white fluff! We didn't have class Tuesday or Wednesday which was such an unexpected treat. We played all over campus and just had way too much fun! As I've done the last two weeks in this new series, I gathered up my favorites from around the internet to share with y'all- take a look!

#1 // Jimmy Fallon brought the men of Full House back together as their iconic 90's characters in a hilarious sketch for his show. I may have died just a little bit. I swear John Stamos is the only guy who could ever make a mullet look good. Oh, the nostalgia.

#2 // Tommy Hilfiger is the king of the ad campaign world in my opinion. His "Meet the Hilfigers" ads always tell a story, and his Spring/Summer 2014 collection does not disappoint!

#3 // I checked off an item on my Clemson bucket list- sledding down the huge hill near our lake. Go check out the video on my Instagram (and follow)! So much fun.
#4 // Sarah Jessica Parker's shoe line will be released in the end of February and I think I speak for all women when I say that I am so excited! SJP will always be Carrie to me no matter what, so it's really like you're getting a pair of shoes custom designed for you by her infamous character. Or so I like to imagine ;)

My mom and brother are coming up for the weekend today and I'm so excited to see them! Between their visit and the Super Bowl on Sunday it's sure to be a great first weekend of February (sidenote: can't believe January is already over) PS: Don't forget about Groundhogs day on Sunday! I'm hoping as hard as I can for an early spring! Happy weekend loves! xoxo

-Lanie W.


  1. An SJP shoe line is perfect! Please check out my blog http://effortlessprep.blogspot.com/
    ~Haley A

  2. Jimmy Fallon's Full House skit was by far the highlight of his show! It was definitely the best few minutes spent! So many memories :)



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