Musical Monday

Last weekend I had one of those moods where I was craving some new music. These don't hit me often, but when they do they hit me hard. I tweeted asking for some suggestions and my sweet blog friend Emily of Cooper & Thames sent me a list of people she thought I should check out. Yesterday I finally got around to listening and totally FELL IN LOVE with one of her suggestions, Foy Vance.

If you like Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran, or anything with a folksy vibe you must listen to this Irish artist! His latest album Joy of Nothing is available on Spotify, and it is absolutely amazing! The first song on the album (which I've included below) is so much fun and gives me the happiest feeling. Take a listen!

So great, right? The song totally inspired me to create an outfit that would bring me a similar happy, bouncy feeling. Naturally that means a fur snood, colored cords, and pretty booties! ;) 

Closed Hand, Full of Friends

Does music inspire you like it does me? My younger brother is an amazing musician and has the best taste in music so I felt pretty cool suggesting a great artist to him that he actually hadn't heard of yet! We may even go to a Foy Vance concert in Charlotte, NC next month- woo hoo! I hope this song brings some sunshine to your Monday and starts your week on the right foot! 

PS- If you have any bands you think I should listen to comment below- I'd love to hear!

-Lanie W.


  1. Yay! Everyone needs to know about Foy Vance! I'm needing him to stop by Charlotte on his next tour :)

    1. ...and I literally just saw the last paragraph of this. I HAVE TO GO!

  2. I love that outfit, the scarf is too cute! :)


  3. Thanks for sharing this outfit. I just got a fur scarf like this last weekend, and I have been struggling to put and outfit together to match it!



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