Pops of Plaid

No other print screams 'holiday' quite like plaid. As soon as November rolls around I fall back in love with this classic pattern, it just reminds me of everything cozy and happy! I'm not quite ready to dive into Christmas completely (we still haven't had Thanksgiving!) so adding this pattern to my life is the perfect little dash of pre-Christmas cheer! Last winter I was on the hunt for the perfect plaid scarf, and I finally found one in Charlottesville last weekend for a steal- I can't wait to share it with y'all! Take a look at some of the many ways to incorporate this holiday inspired style into your life!

As a cozy scarf
For your morning coffee or tea
As the perfect casual accessory
As pants paired with a cozy sweater
Does plaid remind you of the holiday season? How do you incorporate this cheery pattern into your life?

-Lanie W.

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