It's Thanksgiving week!! I'm so excited to go home for a break from the massive amounts of school work that I've had lately. For example, even though we only have class Monday and Tuesday this week I have a 5 page Shakespeare paper due tonight at 9pm, and a 3 page paper for my Sign Language class due at 4pm. Therefore, this post is going to be short and sweet. Tonight my girlfriends and I are getting to have a 'friendsgiving' meal before we all head home for the holiday, and I can't wait!

I'm bringing roasted veggies since they're super easy and a recipe I've pretty much mastered. Here's a few links to some easy Friendsgiving/paleo/gluten free recipes I've pinned to my Thanksgiving board! Hope they bring you some yummy inspiration!

Hope y'all have a great Monday! I'll be back on Wednesday to share some ideas of what to wear to your Thanksgiving get-togethers!

-Lanie W.

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