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So sorry about the lack of post yesterday, y'all! I worked all day at J. Crew for Black Friday and it totally slipped my mind on Thursday (aka Thanksgiving) to write a post! However, today is a special day that definitely deserves a post of its own so I'll let it slide :)

As you probably know, I am a Senior at Clemson University in South Carolina. Even if you've never been to SC, you've probably of the Clemson/Carolina rivalry game. Today marks the 111th time our teams will play one another, and over the past century an *intense* rivalry has formed. Growing up in South Carolina you are either a Gamecock or a Tiger- and your family likely makes this choice for you before you are born. Things can get pretty heated between these two dedicated fan bases, and the winning team earns bragging rights for an entire year.

I've attended many Clemson/Carolina games in my lifetime. Yet, I've never taken time to see things from the other side; the Gamecock side. Because of this I decided to team up with Emily from Cooper & Thames who is currently a senior at Carolina! I love her blog, and she's pretty much the only Gamecock I would want to guest post with! ;) So without further ado, here are Emily's  favorite things about USC!


This evening will be my last Carolina-Clemson game as a student, and though it won't be the last I enjoy, it has brought about a little nostalgia about my time at USC. I started college at the College of Charleston and transferred to USC at the beginning of spring semester my freshman year, but USC couldn't feel any more like home. I've grown and learned a lot about myself here and I've made some of my best friends at this university. I've made some really bad and incredibly good choices here. I've had nights I'll never forget and nights that I wish I could remember. So what are the things I love most about USC?

1. The community: At a big state school it's easy to feel small and a bit lost amongst the 30,000 other students who walk the same cobblestones next to you every day, but once you join a program and start getting involved, it's amazing how easy it is to feel like a part of something big. I was never one to join every club, but through classes, business groups, and even being in the mass of students at USC football games, a sense of family could not be more tangible. It's powerful and gives you a sense of purpose and belonging.

2. The campus: USC may be smack in the middle of downtown Columbia, but the campus is a place all its own. On campus it's easy to walk down the street to as many different bars, restaurants, and clubs that you want, but you'll also find the Horseshoe, with its enormous oaks and maples, lined with centuries old buildings, in the middle of campus. Eating lunch from Russell House on a blanket with friends on the Horseshoe is a rite of passage as a student at USC that I've taken advantage of plenty of times throughout my time here.

3. The football: Let's be honest, there is no way I could have left this off the list. I grew up in a strictly garnet and black household, so being in the student section at Carolina football games, with the rest of Williams Brice stadium, is something of dreams. Not only are you a part of an extended 82,000 person community, but you're one of the lucky few that stand beside the athletes on the field. We cheer, sing, scream at the top of our lungs to push the Gamecocks to victory, and when we sing the alma mater at the beginning and end of every game, we fully believe in every word.

Here's a health, Carolina. Forever to thee.

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