Feelin 22!

November 13th has become a very special day to me over for the past four years- it's my sweet boyfriend's birthday!! We started dating our Senior year of high school and it's so crazy that here we are, still going strong, our Senior year of college! I love this man so much, and am so proud of the person he has grown into over the past four years. He is honestly the most caring, thoughtful, kind-hearted, and genuinely good souls I have ever had the privilege to know. He would do anything for anyone, and is definitely the go-to Mr. Reliable of our friend group. We've been friends since High School and have definitely grown up together- so in honor of his birthday here's some (slightly embarrassing) pictures of us over the years- enjoy! 

My 16th Birthday Party (2008)
High School Graduation (2010)
Freshman Year (2010)
Sophomore Year (2011)
Junior Year (2012)
Senior Year (2013)
I feel so blessed to call him mine, and I hope to celebrate many many more birthdays with him in the future! Happy birthday Brandon, I love you!

-Lanie W.


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