Lilac Love

The old adage "Pink is for girls, blue is for boys" has been around forever. But what falls in between? I have never been a super girly-girl nor a tom-boy. So what color best suits me? Over the past few years I discovered my love for purple. It's the perfect happy medium and is feminine without being as in your face as pink can be. My love of purple has become a full blown obsession. As you can see in this post my room is full of purple, from my bedding to my furniture! My old preference was darker shades of purple, but lately I have come to love lighter shades such as lilac.

Lilac is such a delicate shade of purple that reminds me of wisteria, one of my favorite wild flowers. Gorgeous, no?

Recently I became obsessed with the thought of lilac skinny crops. I took a shopping trip to Atlanta a few weekends ago and found the perfect pair at Gap. I am so excited to style them!!

I have been scouring Pinterest for inspiration and can't wait to try some of these lovely looks out!

They look adorable with anything from heels to sandals or sneakers and I know they will be my go to this spring!! What do you think about lilac? Love it or leave it? Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

-Lanie W.

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