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After leopard burst onto the scene a few years ago animal patterns have been absolutely everywhere, and are now essentially considered a neutral. When Pinterest first became popular I vividly recall spending hours researching everything leopard I could find, and lately I've been doing the same with python. While I'm not typically a snakeskin kind of girl, the new variation of this pattern has definitely caught my attention. Snakeskin usually reminds me of all things tacky and cheap, but this season's take on the reptilian look is decidedly chic. From tops, to dresses, and more this pattern looks fab just about any way you style it.

Snakeskin Inspiration

So cool, right? There's so many ways to incorporate this pattern into your look whether you want to make it the focal point of an outfit, or just use it as a finishing touch. A lot of designers have already embraced this trend and the variety of results are awesome. From sandals and bags, to watches and sneakers, snakeskin can take an ordinary piece and make it feel fresh. Here's my favorite python picks from around the web-

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How would you style the python trend? Are you going to embrace this new style or stick with tried and true patterns like leopard? Can't wait to hear your thoughts! Have a lovely weekend!

-Lanie W.

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