Hello Out There!

Y'all, I promise I still exist! *insert blue faced/sweating/stressed emoji here* I seriously feel like the worst blogger on the planet and if no one is even reading this right now I totally understand. It's been a true struggle to find the balance between working full time, going to the gym, spending time with friends, having down time, etc. I haven't been able to find the place where blogging fits into my new post-grad life. Mornings are dedicated to reading my devotional/Bible and getting ready for the day, I go straight from work to the gym, and when I get home around 7:00 I just want to shower, eat dinner, and relax.

The struggle is that I know I write best in the mornings. By the end of the day my brain is fried and in no shape to compose a compelling blog post. I know a lot of blogs are more picture-heavy, but as a former english major well-written copy is really important to me. Le sigh.

I truly promise that I'm working on this balance and I'll keep trying to make Classically Current a priority. I love this space and the community of people blogging has introduced me to, so I'm going to push until I find a solution!

Please accept this hilarious video of my bae Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift being great humans as an apology for my absence. Have a wonderful weekend!

-Lanie W

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