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Ah, what a weekend. I love that we get a few days each week that are made solely for fun, exploration, and trying new things. I'm so lucky to live (still can't get over this!) in a place where the potential for adventure is everywhere you turn.  I truly plan to take advantage of this every moment I can!

My college bestie/roommate Makenzie came to stay with me for the weekend and we had the best time checking off "must try" places on my massive Charleston to-do list. We truly fit so many things into the few days she was here and I can't wait to share them all with you!

First up, I have to fan-girl over one of my absolute favorite new-to-me discoveries of the weekend- Grind and Squeeze! After seeing a snap of the coffee shop's picturesque patio on Hannah's Instagram I made a quick google search and was so excited to see that it was located less than five minutes from my apartment! Saturday morning was bright and sunny so we ventured over and fell in love pretty much instantly.

The inside of the shop is teeny (see photos one and two), but their patio is a large, dreamy oasis. (Disclaimer- I'm the girl who will always choose to sit outside if given the option, so a restaurant with only outside seating is pretty much my jam). We grabbed a couple americanos with almond milk (so good!) and settled into their comfy seating- which we had all to ourselves. The sunshine felt amazing and made me crave spring that much more. I know that I'm going to be there constantly once the weather warms up permanently! Here's a peek at my new fave-

If you live in the Charleston area you must check out this hidden gem. Hope y'all have a great Monday! xoxoxo

-Lanie W.

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