Fall-ing for Charleston

Hello and happy October! I had a great mini vacation at home last week. It was so nice to see my family, friends, and boyfriend again for the first time in over a month. South Carolina holds my heart for sure and I'm so excited to see what life there has in store for me in the future!

When I found out I was going to have a free day during my trip I immediately texted Emily begging her to schedule a Charleston day with me. Thankfully she was able to make it work and we got to  do what we do best for an entire day- explore, snap tons of pics, shop, and eat. We spent way too much money on King Street, walked until our feet hated us, and finally ate at Dellz for the first time (it was beyond delicious - definitely a new favorite!). To top it off the weather was blissful and I got to wear my first truly fall outfit of the season (insert praise hands emoji here).

I always love hanging out with Em because we totally just get each other's blogger sides. I took full advantage of her great eye for photos and recruited her to snap some outfit pics for me. My outfit made me so, so happy and was totally me in every way shape and form. Gingham, tortoiseshell, smoking slippers, and my beautiful new purse = one happy Lanie.

Charleston Autumn Look

Oh Charleston, you continue to make me fall in love with each and every visit. I cannot wait to be a permanent resident of your beautiful city once again. xoxo

-Lanie W.


  1. Obviously I'ma need you to come back to Chas so we can keep these explorations in a regular rotation :)


    1. We're literally moving there as soon as physically possible. #leduh :)

  2. Such a cute outfit!! So glad you had such a good trip - let me know next time you're here! xo


    1. Aw thanks Annie, you're too sweet! We must catch up next time I'm in town (which will hopefully be for good!) :)


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