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Oh goodness, y'all. I'm having a moment. A "I need this in my life right now" moment. On a shopping trip earlier this week I made a stop into Kate Spade, ya know, just to "take a look around". While innocently browsing through their pretty products and stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted these bags. Classic structure, gold hardware, and supple leather in my favorite colors? Consider me sold.

While I was in the store I didn't realize that these bags were in the sale section and just assumed that they were outside of my post-grad budget. Begrudgingly, I resigned myself to simply admiring them without actually considering making a purchase. Out of curiosity I decided to look them up online when I got home and was beyond excited to learn that the larger bag, also know as the Lola Avenue Rollins, is currently 50% off! I don't have a "grown-up" handbag yet so I've decided that this will be my first! Now I just have to decide which color to choose...

KS Rollins 1
KS Rollins 2

Which do you think I should pick?? Obviously the tan is the more classic, practical option, but deep green is my favorite color. I'd be forever grateful to hear your opinions! Thanks in advance - have a great weekend! xo

-Lanie W.

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  1. I think the deep green could be just as neutral as the tan! It almost appears black, so I think you could wear it with navy, black, brown, etc. I would say go for the green!


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