Timeless x Trendy | No. 2

While some say that print is a dying form of media, I'm continually inspired by the stories and images that my favorite magazines provide. There's something so nice about being able to hold a substantial issue with your two hands, tear out pages that you love, and circle items you want to buy.

During one of these magazine reading sessions recently I spotted this photo from the Michael Kors fall 2014 collection and was immediately intrigued by the twist on the traditional gold watch. After some further research I knew I had to feature it in my latest timeless x trendy series. Adding a bright, saturated color to the otherwise simple item takes the watch from just another accessory, to the centerpiece of an ensemble. Take a look-

timeless: classic gold band and minimalist vibe || trendy: bold, jewel-toned face 

Colorful Watches

What do you think about this funky update to the classic gold watch? Fun, or too much? Have a great weekend!

-Lanie W.

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