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Gilmore Girls has been my absolute favorite tv show a solid ten years. I first discovered the fast-talking drama on ABC Family the summer before 7th grade and quickly fell in love with Stars Hollow and its quirky residents. I watched GG religiously until it concluded in 2007, and have missed seeing the two Lorelai's and their crew so much since then. It may sound silly, but I'd be lying if I said Gilmore Girls hasn't influenced my life in a major way. I really grew up alongside Rory and will always hold the show super close to my heart.

When I read that Netflix was finally acquiring the series I literally squealed out loud of pure happiness (even though I own all of the seasons on DVD). While I was crazy excited, I was honestly surprised with the public's reaction to the news. I thought the GG fan-base was much smaller, but after the Netflix announcement the internet literally exploded with posts about the show. So crazy!

Other than their whip-smart humor and endless pop-culture references, Rory and Lorelai's distinct personal style is one of my favorite parts of the show. I love that  even though they're so alike in many ways, their style reflects the different parts of their personalities. While Rory's style is conservative and laid back, Lorelai's is more quirky and sexy. In honor of the show's triumphant return, I've put together two looks inspired by their respective personalities.


Rory: A self-professed bookworm and straight-A student, Rory is really low-maintenance when it comes to fashion, but that's precisely what makes her the character we know and love. She tends to keep her look classic and simple with easy basics like cotton pants, sneakers, and her trusty denim jacket.
GG Inspired: Rory

Lorelai: This lady knows how to have fun with fashion and has an obsession with bold, funky accessories (like these star print pumps!). She looks great in just about anything, but really rocks dresses like these when she's working at the Dragonfly (or Independence) Inn.

GG Inspired: Lorelai
Whose style do you prefer? Are you just as in love with Gilmore Girls as I am? Let me know! xo

-Lanie W.


  1. I love Gilmore Girls! I started re-watching it again before the celebrations started (not sure how many' again's I am on now) A friend got me watching it really early on and I got everyone I could watching too. I tend to prefer Rory's style to Lorelai's but it is costumed perfectly!

    1. I definitely agree! Always love to find another Gilmore-obsessed gal :)

      xx - Lanie


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