Current Gratitude | 10.5.14

It's interesting how my Sundays have changed over the past couple months. When you're in school Sundays are all about writing papers, studying, working on projects, and catching up on your required reading. I used to dread Sunday and all the work + stress that came with it, but now that I'm a post-grad I've been relishing in the relaxation that this day brings. While I still have to work work later in the day, I've really been enjoying my Sunday mornings without the looming stress of a crazy school week ahead. Sometimes, change is nice.

What I'm grateful for this week:
That my boyfriend is coming to visit me in Disney for the first time this week
That my favorite show ever, Gilmore Girls, is now on Netflix
That I was able to spend time some quality with my family + friends during my trip home last week
The fact that my passion and professional aspirations completely align with one another
The amazing, rare fall weather we're getting here in Florida today

What are you grateful for this week? I hope you have a peaceful, relaxing Sunday! xx

-Lanie W.

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